AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


Love that song…
But i hope not, i sold my rytm :upside_down_face:

No… not true, i hope for those who own rytm


ODD / EVEN trig condition.

ie. EVEN = trigs on 1:2 / 1:3, 3:3 / 1:4, 3:4 / 1:5, 3:5, 5:5, /…


NOT A:B trig conditions


Prime number trips!!!

Fibonacci trigs!

Edit: odd/even would just be the same as 1:2odd or 2:2even, right?


Me and math… You’re so right :troll:


Independent filters for sample vs synth…


impossible on one track*

  • except if there was somehow a way to add a digital filter after the sample … but it’d still go through the voice analog filter, so not independent


Track scenes (working title)

I worry that this is too cool to be possible. But if memory and other computer stuff allows it, Track Scenes would be da bomb

It’s like chromatic mode and scenes had a lovechild.

From chromatic mode the child inherited that the pads are used to trigger a single track. And from scenes it inherited that each pad has it’s own set of parameter locks.

So each pad could have different settings in the different parameter pages and then you could jam on them and live record it, or you could use the pads for super quick programming in grid mode and much more.


You could have completely different samples on each pad so it would be like each voice was a single voice rytm. Or you could just use it as a fun and effortless way to record hihats with lots of sonc variation.

It would be amazing and sooo fun.

Everybody knows that voices choking are super cool, and this would make the Rytm the ChokingKing

Edit: I realize that there is a chance that the parameter lock memory would be maxed out very quickly.

I don’t know coding, so I should probably just be quiet… but it makes sense in my head at least.

Here goes my uneducated suggestion:

Could there be a reference like thing going on to save memory? What I mean is that instead of each trig created though “Track Scenes” holding complete information on it’s own parameter locks it just contains a reference to the pad to which it is locked. And then the parameter data is collected from there instead…

I wrote this screenplay to explain it better:

-Sequencer: Hello Normal P-locked trig, I am about to play you, can you tell me your parameter locks.

-Normal p-locked trig: Sure thing Sequencer, my cutoff is locked to 64, resonance to 96 and my overdrive is set to 17.

-Sequencer: Thanks :smiley: Hello P-locked trig created through Track Scenes, I am about to play you, can you tell me your parameter locks.

-“Track Scenes” p-locked trig:** I’m afraid not sequencer, you see, to conserve memory me and the other trigs of my kind store our data on the pad to which we are locked. So to see my settings you need to check out the settings of pad 6.

-Sequencer: Oh right, I forgot! Hey, Pad 6 can you remind me of your settings again?

-Pad 6: Sure sequencer, because you’re my best friend :slight_smile: My resonance is at 45, noise amount 34, and my amp envelope attack is 22.

-Sequencer: Thanks Pad 6

The End.


I like your thinking :kissing_heart:


If I understand you correctly, your idea is like a series of P-locks for you to play at will but for each track?

I, like void, like the way you think(especially the play at the end). It’s a brilliant idea! Also it addresses an issue of frustration that I hadn’t realized was a frustration. A lot of time and energy go into programming those p-locks and wasted time when you’re trying to experiment with the parameters on just one lock within the context of the pattern and waiting for the trig to circle back around.

To add to your Utopian idea, you can access this screen by pushing track and scene, and it will stay in that mode until you turn it off(by pushing the same button combo). So you can change tracks and it will stay this way.

OR! Would it be more efficient to have this mode come on automatically whenever you’re in any sort of record mode? Decisions decisions.

Another question, @void is there anyway this could be implemented in an app of some sort? Maybe one that takes an amazing piece of kit and transforms into the stuff of legends?

On a side note, how cool would it be if there were a midi pad controller where you could send midi cc notes along with note data? I might have to make this a project to play around with in Max/Msp

Edit: I’m thinking more about this and it would be SO cool to be playing the CC pads while playing a melody on a voice through a keyboard. Lock all that into a sequencer. I’m kinda abstractly working out the logic now.

My first Max/Msp project <3


Sounds cool :v:️️

I just wish sometimes there were no limits on parameter locks and no limits on scene locks.

On the md and AR I always seem to get to the PLOck limit pretty quickly - as I’m a spaz with crt all.

On the monomachine I think I’ve hit the plock limit like only 30 times or so…


Exactly… Each track would have it’s own set of 12 track scenes with different p-locks. And to play them you choose the track you want, enter track scenes mode and play the pads :blush: (Nice button combo idea btw)

I didn’t realize that it solves the problem of having to wait for the sequencer to come around again before you can listen to your parameter locks in context. But that’s pretty huge workflow improvement…

I think I would prefer having to enter and exit the mode maually. But maybe there could be a menu option to make it activate when you enter recording mode for those who prefer that :grimacing:

I’m not sure how it would be implemented but, another thing that would be cool was if you could easily tie a scene or performance makro to a pre-existing track scene to save time.
So if you already had some cool track scenes set up and you were setting up ordinary scenes you could just say: In this scene I want the Low Tom to sound like it does on it’s Track Scene number 4. Saving time and memory.


May 20, 2017 01:53:31 AM
Just wanted to add my ideas for the Rytm. It would be awesome if you could select samples into a pool from your project. Then be able to have those select samples trigger by the LFO. It would also be cool if there was a function to edit the flames in the trigger mode. Something like hold function, edit in the trigger mode. Then you could customize timing and velocity by Using the step buttons. Hope this makes sense. I probably could explain in words a little better. Thanks for listening and I really enjoy the Rytm and the octatrack.


:heat: :fire_engine:


yea, possible!
I mean what this essentially is, is you have multiple variations of pattern tracks. So basically if you store a bunch of pattern variations in some sort of external memory (iPad RAM), and then listen for pad presses, and based on that you send back individual tracks into the current pattern… that’s about it!

It’s not limited to p-locks… can be entire tracks from fully different patterns. Can also be sounds. Could also be that someone made this but hasn’t released it yet. :smile:


Jesus that’d be pretty rad if you did that.

Were you not also working on a way to save plocks as sound?


there’s one thing i really need - some kind of INFO screen.
for reminder notes - what is most usable at scene or perf modes. or what track is playing that sound, that you’ll want to mute or filter at live situation. or what pattern is good to play next.
i always have a sheet of paper with those notes, but it would be really helpful to immediately see this kind of information on screen.
maybe screen splash for 1 or 2 seconds, when selecting a new pattern. or some button combination, to show it on and off.
right now there’s really not enough info about kit or pattern on screen. i can only save bpm number at kit’s name, and that’s about it :confused:


Ctrl all +1


^ get Strom:


<3 Strom <3