AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


Ugh, sorry, I was joking… Ahhhh written sarcasm on the interwebs… The source of flamewars since 1995. :slight_smile:


hehe all good sir!



Ok, I’m too lazy to read through all 242 posts in this thread to see if someone’s mentioned it before…

Today I was setting up some scenes, and I tried to adjust p-locks on a step. Didn’t work - I didn’t really expect it to - but damn, I wish it did. It would really open up the possibilities of the scenes.

Specifically, I had some pitch variations in plocks, and wanted to adjust them to a new phrase with a scene.


With the way the UI is laid out you’re unable to use the copy and paste function with one hand, something you can do on the A4’s UI. My fingers can’t stretch from the function button to the transport controls on the AR. A global setting to swap the functionality of the Bank Group button with that of the Function button would be nice. Another good solution would be to have a simultaneous yes and no press act like a function press.


Dunno If requested yet… ARPEGGIATOR?


Would you care to share? :yum:



bit like the motion sequencer on korg products, a feature that allows you to capture a combination of pressure changes on the perf pads and loop these to a step length.

only needs to store one loop in my mind but can include all 12 pads.

could be recorded, and duration of, whilst holding down retrig, but might be running out of fingers…


Ability to lock the current played page from the sequencer would be cool. Tempest can do it too :slight_smile:


Wait…WHAT?! How have I missed this for so long?! Waiting for the pattern to cycle back around on a trig with a near INFINITE degree of patterns! A lot of time lost!

10/10 - will try


What is your e-mail ?


Total Amount of Locks for all Scenes and Performances should be globally limited to 6144 per Project instead of 48 per kit. Would be more flexible if you need more locks in one track than the other one.

biggg +1 to this

Also, I’m sure it’s been mentioned many times, but I would like to see the ability to assign retrigs (somehow, it must be solvable!) to scenes and performance pads.

And a LOCK mode for the delay so we can get the :elot:'s echo freeze delay. Please! I’ll never sell my OT but I really don’t like having to sacrifice audio inputs on it just to glitch out my Rytm with that one effect.


I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but:

I would love it if you could cue up mutes/unmutes using the function button, then whilst keeping it pressed, switch to performance or scene mode to perform a build up/break down, then release function for the mutes/unmutes.

Without that function I find myself performing a build up in performance mode then scrambling over to mute mode to bring in the kick/bass or whatever.


You can enter song mutes into a chain or even one pattern. In mute mode, hold down chain and the pads will turn yellow, whichever ones you press will be muted on the next play of the pattern. This would give you one patterns time to hit the mutes then do performance tweaks. You could get more time by using a chain, you could copy the pattern and chain the two, then enter the mutes on one, you’d get 8 bars till your quantized mutes kicked in…
Back in mute mode the pads to get muted will be half bright green…


Fucking awesome. Thanks!


I think it would be great to have some kind of led behavior indicating that a trig has conditional locks, or probably better just indicating if it has any locks on the trig page. :okej:
Edit: best would be to have indications for both, but I’m trying not to ask to much…


I’d love to be able to set track start point, not just length. Actually, I think it’s a better, more universal method. That way you could do things like set a track to just play page 2. Or page two and half of three. You could then think of a track as not just one set of trigs up to 64, but you could have it set up as 4x8, or 2x16. Then you could have sub-patterns on track (since you can’t play a track from another pattern).

Just a thought…




haven’t read the whole thread but in song-mode add the scenes to the existing mutes… so if programmed well, one just use the performance-macros … it’s like with the arranger on the OT, you can program the scenes as you wish at any point (pattern)


Would like to implement trig conditions in conjunction with the Scene.


How about just any single trig plock (including conditions) to be locked to a scene…