AR Analog Rytm feature request thread

Requesting a Max patch that generates IDM drum patterns on the RYTM.

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replying to the last comment :point_up_2:t2:

tho I’m a complete elektron-obsessed fan human I really do think the AR and DT should have had Tstretching n Pshifting in this day & age.
imagine being able to modulate sample’s rate in real time using perf & scenes. etc. not to mention having synced drum loops.

It’s also a real shame both didn’t continue the MD & OT lineage of real time resample trigs.
… & freely assignable MD lfo’s .

I still love a hell of a lot about em but it’s a touch upsetting when I dwell on it :sleepy:
those are the reasons I got rid of my AR.

OT & MD 4 eva :smile:

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It seems I need to buy me a new drum machine.


[MKII] It is now possible to control multiple performance macros simultaneously with the QUICK PERF AMOUNT knob

maybe something not exactly like this for MKI but it would be nice if one could have some control over the performance macros, Function+Level knob could be used to control its value? :thinking:
a really basic functionality where holding one of the pads in performance mode and turning the encoder would assign that specific macro to the encoder, no extra menus needed :smiley_cat:
(not sure this has been mentioned already)

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I was more referring to ableton style warping. cool technique tho :+1:t3:


Chords and scales for optimized bass line and steps playing (MIDI int. & ext.) with the Rytm pads. Maybe with color schema on the pads.


Midi transpose, global and per track.

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‘connect’ pads for stereo sampes
visualisation compressor (like digitakt)
control all & randomize :slight_smile:

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Oh I’ve wanted this, nay needed this, from day one - may have already suggested

But the easiest quick fix to allow some degree of user clarity would be to allow the user to dim off-scale notes … e.g. this is for a C Major

The user Holds down Chro whilst in Chromatic mode and taps the pads of the scale that they want to de-emphasize - this would then be consistent across the 4 octaves with the corresponding chromatic notes dimmed, making it much easier when two octave chunks are visible on screen in two colours - that is an impossible grid to learn

This could even be a temporary setting, just during play as an aid - any number of pads can be deselected, except one must always be visible, plus all notes will still play, it’s just that they are less obvious on the pad array and can then be avoided

But it would help keep a user on track, super useful addition imho


Nice idea.
I like to have a bunch of scales that the user can add for track.
[Function] + [Chromatic] > Trigs menu > Set Trk x to scale mode e.g. C Major.

Chords for MIDI out per track could be nice, too.


not many companies keep improving a product over 5 years. :heartpulse:

  • RETRIG in SCENE/PERF mode toggles mute page
  • or RETRIG+PAD in PERF mode toggles recording of PERF pressure data to pad over loop (not to pattern data) :loopy:
  • assignable MIDI CC OUT on SCENE/PERF pads
  • SOLO active = FUNC+PAD allows muting unmuting
  • TRIG+PARAMETER PAGE+YES writes up to 8 random :diddly: P-locks to trig
  • PAD+PARAMETER PAGE+YES in SCENE/PERF mode writes up to 8 random P-locks to pad
  • when naming PARAMETER PAGE+YES = random words/symbols generator
  • new MACHINES (1.45 saw the dual VCO, 1.55…)
  • LFO destination freely assignable across all tracks
  • TRACK button + KNOB changes parameter on all tracks
  • Sync B second Midi sync out option

many edits to this as i keep considering more stuff, i appreciate some are pie in the sky but come from a place inspired by 1.50s new features enabling further expression from the box. some other people have already suggested.


Show note names instead of relative semitones
Full note range when midi is activated (128)
CC mode : send CC instead of notes (VEL=value)


Control all


Sorry if proposed before. 600+ posts is too much to dig in to.

The OS1.50 kit reload on pattern change bug actually gave me an idea after my gig last friday. What if we could set tracks to hold over when changing to another pattern that uses another kit? That d be great for improvised transitions in a live set.

Not sure yet whether it should just hold the sound parameters or also the trig pattern. Perhaps the latter. It should clear the held track(s) and load the new kit (& pattern) fully when doing a no+kit button reload.

Why the heck can you not filter by tags in a sound bank?! This seems to be a fairly basic functionality that’s missing.

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you can, but you presumably meant to write sound pool

there’s 16 Banks with 256 sounds as opposed to just 1 pool of 128 per project where sounds only load on certain tracks so you may have typically 20-30 to choose from, not such an overhead, but anyway perhaps there’s a reason why searching the pool is fundamentally different given it’s stored in a different place and can be used in a different way, who knows, send a feature request to the official address …

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Yeah, I meant sound pool :expressionless:

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My main issue is that I want to be able to filter for sounds based on the sounds I’ve selected for that project ie what’s loaded in the pool.