Anyone want an OT 2 with an internal SSD drive, OLED screen?

You can do a lot of things with plocks, random Lfos, midi Lfos controling audio tracks, to have a kind of Conditionnal Trigs.

Ot Scenes CAN BE midi controlled with midi Cc. Tried successfully. If you really mean program it via midi I don’t get the point…

I think all specific arranger’s parameters can be midi controlled.

This is very unfortunate, as in, some the remaining bugs will never be resolved.

The only way for the OT to move forward IMO is a new OS built from scratch that has the experiences of the past X years behind it. But with the codebase being propietary I very much doubt this will ever happen.

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[quote=“tsutek, post:54, topic:33389”]
a new OS built from scratch[/quote]
:joy: With new bugs ? :sob:
Without big changes, other fonction could be controlled by midi CCs (51 CCs free in implementation chart) Parts change for ex, other Page Setup Settings…
Autosave samples.

Hit me up if you need any assitance mon ami :wink:


new bugs would of course be inevitable. But you coul always keep the current OS if that would be a problem.

As things are now, bugs or no, there is no room for fixing nor changing anything. So a total rewrite of the OS, with new bugs and all, would be the only way forward.

Simon recently said on another thread that OT would likely get no new features, but it is still supported for bug fixes.

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Do SSD’s have a limited lifespan based on read/write operations? (I don’t have SSD’s / Never looked into them)

Compact Flash, SD cards, and SSD’s all share the same underlying technology. There might be some process differences which account for longer/shorter lifespans and the speed of the card / drive in question. Basically the CF card in an Octatrack now is a simpler version of a modern SSD. But the SSD has wear leveling and a massive amount of spare cells to reassign any bad or failing cells. So all things considered an SSD should be a big improvement is speed and reliability to a CF card.

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What about AR / A4 +Drive ? Same technology ?

[quote=“sezare56, post:55, topic:33389”]
Without big changes, other fonction could be controlled by midi CCs (51 CCs free in implementation chart) Parts change for ex[/quote]

I wish. Then you could actually sync them up correctly…

you got it wrong. I dont mean: controlling the scenes via Midi … i mean programming Midi-CC values into the Scenes - as i wrote it, more or less :wink: Add MIDI-CCs to the Midi-tracks to control your external gear and now try to P-Lock their values to a Scene - which would be an essential feature tbh. This - is not possible and makes the Scenes useless for MIDI.


i tried to go down this hardware life… and i’ve ended up with ableton live (full version M4L) and a push 2… you could… i guess. buy a wacom cintiq touch… and have that next to a push 2… oh and a good I/O and mixer… it expensive… but its crazy powerfull. ( i do not have a cintiq touch )

i ended up selling off my most of my hardware. (other then my rytm… to much love)… and then using live / push2 and reaktor. yes… i have to use my mouse. the horror.
but its more or less some super crazy audio modular crazy thing now. so many good M4L and reaktor tools.
i get wanting limitations. but really. you can self impose them if you want.
i feel like when i had all the hardware. i didn’t have any ideas… now that i have ideas… i don’t need all the hardware…

(again though i love my rytm to death. to much fun. )


Ok I got you. You would like midi scenes, to interpolate midi Ccs of midi tracks with the crossfader, right ? I wish it too but I think it is not that easy.

I can do it with my Bs3x midi controller, with many values. I saw another smaller controller than do it, I don’t remember with one.

gugabox Morph4 by our very own guga :smiley_cat:


At first I thought it would cost more then a laptop + DAW and it will never happen.
However… it’s not that unrealistic. They would need to write some really basic form of DAW and use embedded multitasking OS on some form of ARM chip (like RPi) for editing and polyphonic playback. For realtime audio processing they could use what is already used in OT.

That being said that device wouldn’t make my music automagically any better, so I don’t wait for it :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, I’m diving into it in a few minutes, just gotta bring the computer back in the music room, it’s in a box since 6 months when I got the OT loaded with 1gb of own samples…

just thinking about it gives me headache ah ah, it’s a hackintosh and I hope it will boot fine, then plug the midi interface, audio interface… (edirol um550, motu pci 24i/o), configure ableton and the OT… damn, I was really comfortable with the OT alone these last months!

I’ll come back when it’s done and tested :slight_smile:

back to the topic, I also think an OT2 is not a real need, but it would be nice, would it not?

midi scenes, more complex arranger with automations, moar mangler effects à la Gotharman, more open mind project management, scene controlable pickup machine tracks, OB feature, USB host, maybe some stem bouncing batch processing (OB?)…

anyway if OT2 never comes out, I agree OT1 is still the most incredible and powerful sample machine for composition and live gear!! I can imagine me still using it 10 years from now!

yeah sure, external controllers are there that offer this :slight_smile: but it should be on the OT. i dont think that this is hard to implement. the scenes can access the parameters on audio tracks; why not on MIDI-tracks? looks the same for me, just different names. but then again - im not a programmer, i have no clue how scenes were implemented internally …

Yes that’s the Morph4 I was thinking about.

I’m a programmer (but obviously I haven’t worked on the OT, so beware) and I think it would be pretty simple to do scenes with MIDI if you could just enter in the CC number and range you want applied, and the OT would spread those values evenly across the fader. But you ain’t going to be changing no 72 parameters at the same time. MIDI only has so much bandwidth. It wouldn’t take very many parameters before it started interfering with timing. I suspect that’s why they didn’t implement MIDI scenes.

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I think it’s pretty much inevitable that Elektron will release another DPS and retire the OT. They already have the OT code that they can build on, they already have the experience of building the OT, they have the niche in the sampler market that they created with the OT (second in popularity only to the MPC line…mmmaybe?), and there are so many ways they could improve upon the ideas of the OT if they had update hardware with higher CPU speeds, more memory, more drivespace, lower cost components, etc. And the electronic music market is only getting bigger. It seems like a no-brainer to me. It might not be this year or next year, but they will sooner or later.

To me the only question is: what direction are they going to take it?