Anyone want an OT 2 with an internal SSD drive, OLED screen?

Started out with 100mb Zip disks, so a whole SSD seems a bit excessive.

One thing I’d happy to see improvements on though is those fragile pins - don’t need a whole new box, some sort of adaptor would do me just fine.

But 16 tracks and you couldn’t even call it an octatrack

what you want is called ableton live on a laptop. other things of the ot might be improved by firmware updates, which is what I would prefer.

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[quote=“rex_mundii, post:22, topic:33389”]
16 tracks and you couldn’t even call it an octatrack
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What? Such a nonsense comment…

So you’re saying using a daw and laptop is the same as using job-specific standalone hardware instrument like OT? You find no benefit to the OT ui/experience over ableton + laptop? Not to mention ableton missing a ton of OT features/workflow (scenes etc).

Hasn’t OT development been basically stripped to bug fixes now? Youre crazy to pine over new features updates. Only way you’ll get em is if they make new hardware… A shame but seems to be true.


I like their current screens. It seems very nostalgic to me. Like playing a musical gameboy


of course are live and ot not the same, they are different tools for different workflows. but if I need more channels and to record pieces that are longer than 64 beats, I take a daw. but if you would blow up the ot with more channels, more sampling possibilities etc. you would try making it a powerfull as a daw, and in my opinion that would be a hopeless effort, because the ot will always be outpowered by a daw on a laptop (from the number of channels, recording lengths etc., not by the workflow). So I take the ot for what it is including its limitations.

its similar to the minimoog model d: Of course it would have been possible for moog to add more oscs, filters, patch slots, oled display, bluetooth etc, but then its not a minimoog anymore.

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I want an OT 2 with a soft-boiled egg feature and a direct upload button for souncloud!


I like Elektron 's astonishing monotone design philosophy.

And, I want Octatrack 2 to have Euclidean Sequencer.


I never mentioned extra tracks/channels? 8 x 4voice polyphonic tracks would do me fine :wink:

I’m not talking about making an OT2 that was as powerful/featured as a daw. That would be a nightmare in terms of UI. Just a machine that was similar to OT but removed the main walls that I repeatedly hit that don’t have quick workarounds.

OT is incredible as it is. No new machine’s arrival is going to break that. It’ll always be able to do what it can do. My favorite piece of hardware. A bunch of areas it could obvs be improved in a revised version tho. Or as part of new machine that went in a slightly different direction etc.


I guess I come at this from a guitar players perspective. I find the 64 steps limiting as well, but most important is having the opportunity to sample longer length passages and use OT tools to do the mangling I want to do. As a minimal step just taking advantage of the drop in SSD and memory prices to upgrade the capacity would be a big improvement for me.
Of course Live can do alot of this, I just like the Elektron approach and physical size.

Development for the OT has stopped already.

Sounds like you need a new laptop and NI Maschine 2 if Push 2 doesn’t agree with you.
For more dedicated knobs you can grab something like a DJ Tech Tools MidiFighter Twister, a Faderfox controller or even a Livid Instruments Code 2 but these are rare like hens teeth.

I’ve never understood how Maschines software competes with Ableton. If I’m not mistaken, Maschine is just session view, right? How is Maschine better than Ableton outside of NI’s sounds?

Aye, Maschine is a session kind of view rather than a DAW-like timeline.

Maschine is more MPC competition rather than AbletonLive competition.

Never really gelled with Maschine as a software for making full tunes. Where it excells for me is used as a drum machine - there’s great beats out of the box so perfect to jam to then to breakdown/replace/reshuffle later when a song starts taking shape. I have a maschine channel in my default Live template.

Maschine used to be better at using as an MPC style tool (sampling, slicing etc) than AbletonLive. But Since the new Push came along, that’s all change. Hence I imagine why NI came out with their launchpad-like controller to be more ‘ableton-live-like’

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Thanks for clearing that up for me

I could make great use of a better arranger, with automation abilities then I could stop using ableton live…

I think it’s the only real problem I have with the OT’s limitations… whole song automations would be great!

Which ones are you looking for?

It is possible to use an Mpc to automate Ot.
Boring though.

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I’d love to be able to record automations on a full arrangement, either track parameter automation or xfader automation if parameter automation isn’t possible…

Yes, the MPC Live announcement has me think about this possibility…

but speaking about this, maybe I could use Ableton Live to take care of automations while using the OT’s arranger?

Gotta dig further into the OT’s MIDI implementation, I never hooked it to any other device for now…