Anyone have pads that stick?

Despite the little bugs and freezing, I’m quite happy with the machine as I’m sure these will be fixed with OS updates.

However, my 7 button sometimes sticks. Anyone else have similar issues?


Button 15 for me! It seems to be loosening up but is still a little “sluggish”

my pattern button sticks

button 15 for me as well. Hope there is a simple fix that does not involve sending the device back as I would really miss it while it’s gone!

Nothing sticky here, if you know what I mean…


I had a problem with pad 13: The lower left corner would catch on edge of the faceplate cut out and stay down. Tapping it on the upper right corner or just wiggling it in the middle, would release it. It was this way out of the box, and made me :frowning:.

I filed a support request, and they offered to immediately take it back for repair… but I wanted to hold on to it a few days first.

After about four days of playing on the unit, the key seems to have re-seated itself. It no longer sticks, even if I deliberately try to press it on the lower left corner. Yay :smile:!

So, if the sticking seems like the problem I had, you might just keep on tappin’ for a few days and see…


My 16 key was sticky and/or slow to return up if hit it on the top right or bottom right side corners, but after maybe a 100 or so quick presses it seems to have worked itself out. Everything else feels fine and all the encoders feel the same.

The Play button for me.

yep… pad 4, but after a few hours of play between the constant crashing :sketchy: pad 4 loosened up and works fine now. I think is the rubber coating that is simply too thick on some pads.

Pressing the button repeatedly helped but not fixed the issue completely.

However I got the following from support and it did improve the situation further:
“Unfortunately this might need to be replaced, but you might be able to fix it yourself as well. Try pushing down on the button quite hard and push it a bit to the opposing side from where it sticks. This can in some cases adjust the button to not stick.”

sharing in case it helps others as well


All button good here.

How long would be reasonable to wait for my trig button to stop sticking on one side before I return it?. Pressed it plenty of times and had a good look with a light, cant see anywhere it could be catching on, feels more internal, almost creaky when it sticks.

I have but how much pressure is needed is an unknown and I dont what to damage anything else. Didnt even notice till last night and it came monday, sticks for a half second or so everytime I press on the top left of the 16 key, which in chromatic mode is a lot.

Buttons all good here! This box is #dope!


Had a few intermittent sluggish/slow-to-depress button actions, but nothing troublesome. I did notice that the face-plate is positioned in a way that it appears to be ‘pulled’, or fixed/askew, towards the lower/bottom-left corner of the unit, so there is more space/clearance on the left/bottom sides of the buttons, where you can see the inside of the unit. Face plate is off center, maybe?

Well whatever it was went from catching everytime to completely gone in one press, very strange but welcome.

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The harder you can, with a hammer. :wink:

Yup, my Track 1 button tends to stick. I hope it will wear in… feels like it will.

Don’t think I can live with my button sticking the way it is :frowning: Contacted support and I’m to try my supplier first - which is a little frustrating as they don’t have stock for a quick replacement.

Thought I could get by but was jamming this evening and making quick variations to trigs on the fly doesn’t quite work as intended. That plus thinking along lines should I ever look to sell down the line.

Anyway, no biggie - will see if I can persuade Juno to send off to Elektron for me…

My 2 button started to stick last night. Top right corner seemed to be the culprit. It seems if you are jamming fast and do not press the button/pad with vertical precision something internal catches/sticks. It seems to have worked itself out though. Doesn’t fill me with confidence in a week old product.