Anyone have pads that stick?

Function, every time.

I had PLAY and STOP buttons getting sticky once the Digitakt heated up a bit. I returned mine, as this kind of problem will likely worsen over time.

Seems like Elektron rushed to market with these new buttons. Having committed to use the same ones on the MK2s as well hopefully means they’ll (have to) fix these quality and QA issues.

With the Digitakt being my first Elektron piece, this left me with a rather guineapiggish feeling, especially in combination with the unfinished firmware. Still ordered a new Digitakt and decided to stick it out, because when it worked, it worked great.

I had the same problem with REC/COPY out of the box !! love its sound but a bit disappoint with this button defect. :disappointed:

Yep, my 6 button sticks pretty bad, and a few buttons make a much louder spring sound than the others

that sucks

Looks like I will be returning my Digitakt for a refund due to the button problem.

And I’m a bit pissed at Juno in the process! While they have been very helpful, they told me on Monday (after a two month wait) that they had no idea when stock was due in so best to refund. About two hours later, I noticed they suddenly had 10+ in stock so contacted them to point that out so I’d prefer an exchange and received no response. They are now out of stock again!

I haven’t been pining for my Digitakt while it’s been boxed up so no harm in returning it. I’ll revisit when production/bugs issues are all ironed out and Overbridge is working.

My 2 pad is back to sticking again. Have filed a ticket. Bit gutted.

Sample page button started sticking tonight. Booo.

New to forum, but been reading it for ages.

My buttons got worse over time rather than self-repair. Started with record key and then progressed to a further 4 buttons. Was not comfortable with this.

Both Elektron and my retailer (Juno) were super helpful in getting it fixed. Juno paid for next day collection and return. Whole process took less than a month, considering it was during holiday season.

Question now is do I upgrade from O.S 1.02 to 1.04

Someone else getting mad with these buttons?
They´re getting stuck much too often and it seems to get more worse!

Liveset nightmare with mechanically stucked buttons :scream:

There should be some tiny frames around them! This would make them less fiddly and noisy!!!

Pad 1 on occasion

EDIT : sticky pad is fine now

New Digitakt arrived with Pad 16 stuck down straight out of the box.
Still semi-sticky after regular use.

My was only sticky at first. it breaks in after you beat the shit out of it for a while.

My trig keys 8 and 16 were sticky from the beginning. It was easy to fix it:

  • Remove the power supply.
  • Remove the six screws, open the case, then remove the flat cable.
  • Loosen the screws of the controller pcb, re-align the controller pcb and tighten the screws.
  • Everything okay? Then reconnect the flat cable and close the case.
  • Done.

Disclaimer: DIY repairing can void your warranty.


Button 7 for me too! :thinking:

I had the same with key 2. When looking very good at it in bright light, I could see a tiny (like a hair) piece of plastic (I think it’s called a “burr” in English) at the spot where the key was stuck (top left in my case). This piece was attached to the key.

I guess it was a tiny piece of waste from cutting the buttons. I very carefully removed it with a razor. After doing so, it was solved.

Hope this helps.

It will go away!! Trust me! Play it some more and it will losen again!


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Nr 9 for me. Hope it fixes it self. Bit annoying - otherwise I really enjoy the digi.

I had several buttons that got stuck when I first got it and was really fucking worried. after playing with the unit extensively for a few weeks the buttons quit sticking and they’re effin’ great now! I love the buttons on this thing so much! hate the midi freezes and no way to backup the unit.

Also here to say, it will go away eventually! I had a sticky tr1 and func button (SUPER ANNOYING). After a few weeks it went away for good.