Introducing Digitakt

I received an e-mail from my dealer saying that I was in for the next batch on June 21 and 1/2 hour later saying sorry, my mistake, your DT should be shipping tomorrow!
Roller coaster of the week


Same boat! I’m picking new things up as I make patterns… learning as I go and man haven’t even touched the midi side yet😜

1st beat! 30 mins in. This thing is amazing


this thing is amazing… i really like it.
new to elektron and the from the brief play i’ve had it all clicks pretty well. makes sense mostly.
just copying my samples and updating OS now :smile:

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One of my trig keys gets stuck when pressed from a certain angle. I pressed it many times but the problem remains.

Also, my screen has some tiny scratches on it and one of the edges looks like it’s not glued properly.

Should I just return it to the retailer I bought it from? I guess I’ll have to wait a looooong time before I get another unit…

first beat on digitakt…


Dope! Kool Keith :heart_eyes:

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How long was that vocal sample? I understood previously that the maximum length is 33 sec which makes putting together tracks like that a bit difficult.

Looked like the vocal came from the Sp404?

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Vocal is from SP404, everything else is Digitakt :yum:


Woo hoo! Mine has just been delivered! I’m at work today but my wife has just taken delivery of it. I’ll be home tomorrow looking after the baby so I might actually get a chance to have a play. I don’t have any other hardware (just a laptop with Sunvox & Ableton) so I’m super excited.

I’ve also bought a Korg PlugKey and MIDI cable so that I can use the Digitakt to trigger stuff on my iPhone and route the audio into the Digitakt… I really hope mine has been assembled well…:grimacing:

I own A4, and was considering DT, but it looks like there are many software bugs and some problems with buttons .

I never had any bigger issues with A4 , it is excellent build quality and OS is stable.

Do you think it is different with DT ? Or this is just few people having problems? In another words, do you think DT is not on the same level as my A4? I like the sound of DT, otherwise I would go for OT.

OS 1.02 was released yesterday. have a look.

It is early in the life of the DT. It seems highly likely that the problems will be fixed soon.

Using the Analog Four as an example, the first batch had problems with flaky panel finish and many firmware bugs were fixed over time.

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Nice. Sounds really nice… This comment on your video amused me: Dang your first beat makes my first beat on the Digitakt sound like a dog running through a drum store.

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Yeah that made me laugh too! Like I said, to be fair, I’m well versed in operating the AR so this comes pretty naturally :grinning:

anyone know if there is a way to zoom in while trying to adjust a long sample start and end? NOT on the sampling page, but once you load a sample that is long. It kind of sucks having a long sample chain, but once you assign it to a pad, you cant zoom in to get the exact start point you want.

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I am interested in that as well. Must be a way to fine tune start-end position after you arrange samples in sequencer

there are, mine froze up a couple of times last night. hopefully they’ll be ironed out soon.