Any Erica DB-01 users here?

I just picked up a DB-01 used at the beginning of the week and just today had the time to familiarize myself with it. Great sounding synth, however the Back/Note knob is all but unresponsive when turned to the left. I’d say 1 out of 10 clicks effect the selected setting.

I messaged the seller but would like to avoid returning it if there is a simple fix for this. Anyone have experience with a similar issue?

I think the first step is to clean the contact but im not even sure how to safely remove the knobs.

Any insight from more experienced synth users would be appreciated.

Sounds like a dirty/worn out encoder, but I’ve never replaced any knobs or pots or anything on mine, so can’t really offer help.

You might want to ask in the Bassline thread where there are a lot more DB-01 users? Also, Erica Synth’s support has always been really helpful for me. Maybe shoot them an email?


I didn’t know there was a Bassline thread, thank you!

I sent Erica an email. Good to know they’re responsive.

Use the existing DB-01 thread:

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