Erica Synths Bassline DB-01

Oh yeah, this looks tasty! I love “Acidbox” type unit design they have going on here. Compact and packs some serious oomph.


This has got me very excited!


personally I really don’t care for all the distortedy stuff in the demo, it’s very one dimensional (or something) imo. it does seem to have plenty going on under the hood. on paper = lots of flexibility.
love the idea of more unique acid boxes Inc internal sequencers w/slide et accent kinda things.
it’s well priced too :+1:t3:

looking forward to hearing more of the softer side o this :slight_smile:


Take my money gif


I’m curious about the midi implementation, would be great if it takes some CCs on the vaious parameters, not just basic note information. According to the video, the sequencer seems to be able to operate some of the controls, so there’s some hope.

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Wow this looks like it could be an acid classic

I love it!
It looks so nice and so touchy, it has something hypnotic to me.

The synth looks good too.


Sounds beefy. Not a huge fan of the 303-ish resonance, but the core sound has a nice character to it.

Same, I probably OD’d on that sound in the 90’s it just sounds really cliché to me now, I’d be ok with never hearing it again, same for distorted BD drums at 145+ bpm just reminds me of kids cartoon music, I can’t take it seriously :joy:


Pretty rad, looks extremely compact! Makes sense for EricaSynths.

Love it.

shut up and take my money


Looking great! Reminds me how much i d like to have an arpeggiator on my Circut Mono Station.

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Yeah, this definitely way more interesting to me as an “acid” box then the various 303ish variations. But, I’m also someone who’s keen to hear the less distorted side of it too.

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I’m hoping the distortion is hiding another side to it. reminds me a bit of the manther. the wave foldey stuff all sounds a bit samey, but it does have a softer side.


Woah. This looks fun. Love the Erica bassline sound. Wish it had an external input.

Hey guys anyone know if the single output is trs stereo?

I know this is pedantic but I truly hate that they wanted to have a symmetrical layout at the cost of having one that made sense lol


I think it sort of has a logic to it, its seems like the most used knobs are on the outside filter stuff on the right more oscillator related fx and stuff on the left. Its just not the usual synth layout… with a synth this basic I think straying from the norm is fine though.


Yeah in practice I’m sure it’s fine but my OCD-inclined brain cringes at seeing things like drive on the far left when’s it’s at the end of the signal chain or the cutoff to the right of the res.