Erica Synths Bassline DB-01

If you turn the volume down in the config menu, you’ll probably find it’ll solve it. You’re probably just hearing the LFO due to it being on high volume.

Can’t remember exactly where it is in the menu, but you want to turn it down really low, like below 40 I think.

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Shift + Config + Select/gate 5x to right
then click on Select and tune with back/note

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Thanks! This is what looks still after that

That both spikes are linked to lfo.

Machine up to date?
If not, do it, it’s an experience…
If it’s done and it persists, contact Erica, they’re serious.

Latest firmware installed. So not that at least.

I contacted Erica.

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It’s a great machine,
you will quickly forget these worries of the beginning.

I picked up a DB-01 used at the beginning of the week and just today had the time to familiarize myself with it. Great sounding synth, however the Back/Note knob is all but unresponsive when turned to the left. I’d say 1 out of 10 clicks effect the selected setting.

I messaged the seller but would like to avoid returning it if there is a simple fix for this. Anyone have experience with a similar issue?

I’m not even sure how to safely remove the knobs as I have no experiencing repairing or replacing parts on any synth but I’m willing to learn.

Any insight from more experienced synth users would be appreciated.

That doesn’t sound good to me. You should contact Erica Synths and ask, but the seller must have known about this flaw.

I agree that the seller had to have known. There is a scratch on one of the side panels so the price was reduced but that was the only advertised flaw.

When you say it doesn’t sound good do you have a specific issue in mind or do you mean it sounds like the seller knew it was a more serious issue & dumped it on me?

I mean that these units are built quite sturdily, so if that knob (an important one) isn’t working right, I suspect there is not an easy fix. (The manufacturer is the definitive source of information on this.) Probably you are going to end up returning it. I hope I am wrong, but that’s my sense.


Hi, i have been running my db-01 with my gear thru midi and resently got a circuit mono station and wanted to hook it up with clock.
So i change The clock to 4ppq on The mono station and change my db-01 clock to external clock and press play.
The db-01 sequencer wont trigger start instead it Will stay on 1st step and pulse red/blank?(new user so cant attach video)
I have tried different cables also switch The master to my bsp.

Any1 else had This problem?

That sounds like what the DB-01 does when it’s waiting for a clock but not getting any. Have you set up the mono station to send clock? Have you pressed play or whatever on the mono station to start its clock running?

Ye i have. I have also turned on clock tx so The mono station becomes The master clock and turned off clock rx which is slave mode on The mono station.
Same happens if I use my bsp as master on 2ppq. The right bpm Will be reconized on my db-01 but it just wont trigger start

Now that I’ve had more experience with my DB-01 I again tried building something using nothing else (other than adding EQ, delay and reverb within Ableton). This thing is way more versatile than it’s exterior would suggest.


When I previously owned one I had to contact their support and they were VERY helpful. I just ordered the DB-01 again last night and am very excited to have it back. Such a great synth i never should have let go. I hope this gets resolved for you. for sure reach out to them for help.

love how raw and stripped down this track is. I could imagine this being released on the L.I.E.S. label.

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Question for DB-01 owners. I used to own one and dont remember this happening, but on the new unit i just got the frequency cut-off does weird things when turned all the way down (counterclockwise), once i pass the 10’oclock zone it goes from producing low frequencies to making a subtle saw tooth sound all the way to being fully closed. then when i open the filter up, once i pass the 10’oclock zone it kicks in with the louder bass sound it should have. I remember being able to do full filter sweeps that were seamless, but this doesnt sound right. totally drops all low frequencies past 9. Is this normal behavior?

Richard DeHove was kind enough to school me on this subject

Yes, that’s totally normal and not as weird as it seems at first. If you turn the main filter all the way down, but turn the Envelope amount all the way up and set a very short filter decay then you get a satisfying initial filter hit. Another version is to set an interesting LFO rate then turn the main filter down and the LFO amount past 12 o’clock. Again an interesting effect, especially if you then add in plenty of resonance as well. So yes, just by itself it seems like dead dial space but it’s really pretty useful.


This is useful info. Thanks for sharing it.

What are the outer dimensions of the DB-01?