Analog Rytm OS 1.50: bug reports

@sezare56 has caught/reported it, so hopefully his ticket feedback will give a clue as to how long, but I suspect it’ll have to be a quick fix


I’m having an issue with programming the scene pads on my MK I.

[FUNC]+press pad to edit and whilst pressing the pad, if I try to twist any knob, it won’t change any values!

Am I doing something wrong?
Can anyone replicate this?

MKI here. My pattern bank select is buggy.

For example when pressing the B bank button, D button lights up. When this happens there are no lights in the step buttons to choose a pattern.

Pressing the desired pattern bank button a second time allows for usual use.

Rytm MK I with OS 1.50 here.
Works fine.
[Scene] press [Function] + press pad. Hold pad and change knobs.
Pads color change to blue.
Screen shows SCENE 1 LOCKS 3


Thanks for testing it out! Will give it another shot and check if there’s something I might be doing wrong!

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Same issue here with 1.50 but with [C]
second push on [C] and it works… funny

I think this is a bug, it’s been brought up already but could be reported

The bug is that you can no longer select a new bank when one is counting down already

If you go to A and see all patterns are full and go to B it only deselects A, it won’t select A, so if you go A B C D it’ll only seemingly select A and C - it’s just that a second press is a deselect from whichever bank was first pressed


Did a new test and this is what I found:

  • If creating and setting up a new scene pad, it works perfectly, but if I copy one scene to a different pad and try to edit that one, it doesn’t seem to work.

Hey so I have a bug report for analog rytm.
When randomising a parameter lets say the amp page , when you want to revert (Function + No) it randomises the filter parameters as well as the amp parameters.

try using [PARAMETER] key + [NO] to reset the PARAMETER page to its last saved state, instead.


Sample on/of is also activated when turning on synth on/off on the trg page. Same pad also sends midi out to external device. Bit hard to describe so shot a quick video:
Pad MT7 next to it has the same settings except for sending midi and behaves in the same way. Pad CB12 acts in a similar kind of way but slightly different. Should i perhaps try and recalibrate my unit, or would this be typical bug-like behaviour that needs to be mentioned in order to improve the OS?

Were your problems happening on a project created before or after the upgrade?

Is it possible that the new trig function always takes the individual track output channels and never the auto ch, even if output ch is set to auto ch in MIDI settings? Is this a bug or am I overlooking something? I’m using Rytm mk1 and I want to control an external drum machine that only allows one midi input channel with different notes for different voices. So I can trigger the external drum machine via auto ch manually via the pads but not with the sequencer at the moment.

Your earlier question on this was answered. Try not to cross post - this is also not a bug

I want to do the same thing.
I trigger the Polyplex in Ableton with the Rytm pads and record the performance into a MIDI track in Ableton.

TRK x Send MIDI is off [Funktion] + Trig (= Setup)
Output Ch = TRK CH (under MIDI setting > MIDI PORT) because I want to do this for more than one channel. Pad Dest. = EXT
AUTO Ch. works the same way but on MIDI Channel 14 (default)
I hope this makes sens.

Can anyone else confirm in Live record LEN is not recorded?

I guess LEN (length) under Trig is CC 5 just added [Function] + [Track] > MIDI Config > Port Config > Encoder Dest = Int + Ext and record the corresponding MIDI channel in e. g. Ableton Live.

I mean when you Live record your sequence, unique LEN values are not being recorded to the tracks sequence; nothing to do with MIDI out.


You mean live recording your Rytm pads into the Rytm sequencer? Of cause the lenght (how long you push your pad) is recorded. Maybe you can’t hear it, it depends of the setting of the envelops / amp of your sound.
You can also see it in the MIDI recordings here: