Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


Anyone spy those midi cables in the ‘At a glance’ video? They say elektron?
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On YT, @finalform says they are MIDI Hammer cable by OneControl.


Those are Hammer cables. Really nice, rather short, fucking expensive! :slight_smile:




Okay, well that’s cool too


…requesting requests


Damn, I want that quick perf knob after watching Cuckoo’s vid. I use a midi controller to control performances most the time.

How about some type of quick perf for the MK1ers… Perf button + level knob combo could sort of do it :grin:

Also a fixed velocity shortcut would be great, always menu diving to turn it off.


MKII !!!

I keep thinking how great direct sampling my OP-1 into the Rytm would be, and putting in through those analog filters and VCAs (and Rytm’s much better reverb than the OP-1 spring).
Otherwise will have to use my Mac + SDS Drop for the transfer into my MK1.
The struggle is real!!


Or you use an alt-out for the kick drum and make a sidechain compression in your daw or hardware mixer. That works of course only in a hybrid-setup.


Resistance is futile, I’m now thinking about upgrading to Rytm MKII and swapping the Digitakt for an Octatrack MKII :sweat_smile:

Sampling OP-1 into Rytm would def sound great. I’ve been sequencing and sampling it with my Digitakt and that sounds great with the filters and fx.


Really? This would be awesome. Then my A4 will be perfect! I did read the manual a few times but I didn’t found this option. Does anybody know if it’s possible and how to set it up? Do you mean the Monomachine and Machinedrum with “old boxes”?


Nope - unless the comment was maybe about limiting parameter input/output to be CC as opposed to NRPN - but afaicr that does not change the internal resolution within the A4, it only lets you drive parameters coarsely if you have a basic midi controller - there’s no way to adjust encoder feel


Can’t resist too, my heart say BUY IT!
…but my bank account just say NO. :smile:
If mkI was good yesterday, it will be today and for now transfer app and new VCOs will be enough


Exactly what I want for the A4! I made a feature request in the A4 Forum long time ago, so there is a tiny chance… It is only an issue when I play live and want to do fast modulation, but there is always the option to do it with pLocks. But I know that i`m not the only one who would like such an option. I love the resolution of the OT mkII, those are perfect!


At least January/February for the MK1 update.


Who told you?!


Heard it on the grapevine. It will supposedly come with a new version of Overbridge. May as well be a rumour at this point.


I want to know if it is possible to route the kick to the sampling input to bypass it from the master compressor, and create side-chaining effects with all the remaining sounds.


doubtful, the input goes through the compressor too. (EDIT: on the way out, not when sampling)
i use the HIT or LP setting on the compressor to achieve ducking.

EDIT: to clarify, if ducking everything on the kick is what you’re after, HIT and LPF will do that. the physical loopback you propose probably will not make much of a difference, but i could be wrong)


Anyone got their shipping notification yet?