Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


Does anyone know if you can run a synth through the compressor for side chaining purposes?


No side chain compression. You have to fake it.


It seems like most vendors don’t have any current stock of Digitakt, AR Mk II, A4 Mk II, or OT Mk II.


How may l ask do you fake it?


You can get the pumping/ducking effect with parameter locks or the LFO for four to the floor stuff.


Well you can enable the LPF or HPF on the Compressor-Page. Toy around with more extreme settings and pay attention to the different volumes of your drumsounds. Also use P-Locks on the Master-Page and LFO to get some movement.


The MK1 (&2) A4 has finer parameter resolution than all the boxes, nothing to do with the encoders then :thup:


That’s the only thing i dislike on the Analog four. I think you have to turn them way too much, I wish they would be more like the new OT. Or a option to adjust the encoder resolution. For a complete filter sweep I have to turn the encoder multiple times! So I end up pushing it down for faster movement but then I can’t be precise.


For the octatrack conditionnel trig there was a delay for mk1 users, 1 month if i remenber


Fun i like it very much, the mk1 white & red on black is tiring for my eyes


If the colours matched the mk1 I’d buy one for sure, where’s @dickmalibu? :weary:

Great box anyway…


You may want to read up on the ordeal people had to go through to have their orders of these custom faceplates fulfilled before you pull the trigger.


If that’s the case, it makes zero sense that it wasn’t implemented from the outset, or implemented after all these years.


Yeah I know, odd business, I was only joking!
Already have a mortgage to pay…


this comment makes zero sense (to me) because fine tuning was implemented from the outset on many of the A4 parameters (with old encoders)

where a DT may have cents of resolution between integer steps, the A4 has always had 7bit resolution (28 more steps) between integer steps and it’s been that way since day one, the graphics are subtle, but it is reflected and crucially there is an audible finer resolution (on say filter frequency, where it’s needed)

if you look at OB the 7bit range is represented on screen in cents for the analogs (and this may be happening under the hood on the DT etc, but they only show a reduced resolution in the readout

imho, the AR MK1 is missing the finer resolution in places it’s present on the A4, like filter freq - but it’s set up to be more immediate, although the patch files do store the slot for the finer res, it’s not implemented, presumably for immediacy/simplicity


I’m talking about being able to adjust the starting point of a sample on the RYTM with fine-tuning.


You’ve never brought that up before now though :wink:

hey - if there’s some pull across from the AR inheriting DT resolution on sample position (now it may be reqd in MK2) it might not be a bad thing - but as I prepare samples ahead of time I think the hassle of wandering decimals that folk moan about would be worse - but I’ll take what we get

something a mk2 user can chip in about now I might add …


I mentioned that I thought it was an invaluable workflow improvement, and @xidnpnlss asked if anyone thought it would make its way to the MKI. It’s actually the one improvement I find critical enough to reconsider getting one again because I found the RYTM most appealing as a sampler with analog filters, overdrive, and a compressor.


It was mentioned by Cenk that there’s a stereo input for sampling. Does that mean there’s maybe a way of recording stereo samples to perhaps be played back as a split pair on two channels?

EDIT: nevermind, I forgot the manual is already out. Only mono - summed L+R



maybe i miss something but I guess it was announced that mkll parameter gets finer resolution like Digitakt. I saw some videos and the parameters still going in 128 steps. Big improvement for sample parameters or tuning the filter.