Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


Excellent performance! :slight_smile:


A friend of mine compared the a4 mk1 to mk2 … he wasnt impressed that much from the mk2 … not much improved …


I dont agree
Sounds much better, I think…
I prefer my mk2 over my old mk1


The 2OSC machine will be a great addition! I always use the AR as a synth with single-cycle waveforms because the architecture with the analog filter and the envelopes work well as a pseudo-synth. I am glad Elektron now supports this idea by adding a dedicated machine for this. I hope they don´t limit it too much (PLEASE give us a sinewave), maybe they want this to be an addition and not a replacement for the Analog Four.


I assume units are shipped from Elektron warehouse to retailers now. It’ll take a few days for them to hit the streets. Maybe there’ll be a firmware update in the meantime.


To me each machine are improved but each in its own way.
And for each machine I think it has been very well thought out. The gains for everyone are of course different. But for each one the improvements suit me perfectly…

And the new form factor doesn’t bother me that much


I’m excited for this 2OSC machine as well! I use my Rytm mk1 like I used Ableton’s Simpler. Great to drop a sample in (SDS Drop, ftw) and play, nothing too complicated. Got some great melodies and bass-lines this way from the Rytm. The Plastic kick machine is a great synth too. Now this dedicated machine will be fun to play with - like someone said up-thread, maybe possible to make little chords/stabs? Awww yeah, getting closer to all-in-one groovebox territory. I can be critical of Elektron, but I also give 'em credit when credit is due. Very cool move to include this OS update for old and new machines Elektron. Good on ya.


if this 2OSC can be host by 3 voices it will be easy with resample for this kind of things…
Then the more obvious and simple with 2OSC will be possible. I would prefer my first solution instead which gives us more room to experiment with the Timbre.


No resampling for me I’m afraid. I’m satisfied with Rytm mkI with no plans to upgrade. I’m still happy importing chord/stab samples, but the 2OSC will be fun to experiment with, to see if little chord/stab sounds are possible.


The greatest appeal to me about the RYTM is as a sampler with analog filters, overdrive, and compression. The ability to edit samples precisely on the unit itself is an invaluable workflow improvement imo.


Anyone hazard a guess as to whether they’ll make this available on the MKI for uploaded samples? Wouldn’t think so, but Elektron has been like Oprah recently



They don’t seem to be pushing existing MK1 users towards upgrading too hard and I think if there aren’t technical restrictions they’re not going to lock MK1 out.


I was under the impression that the older encoders prevented the ability to implement fine-tuning.


I think maybe with pushing function and adjusting the encoders they actually could implement fine tuning on mk1 devices


“Note! Analog Rytm MKII will initially only be available through Elektron retailers. Please visit our Store Locator to find your retailer of choice.”

I dont like this, i placed a order yesterday by a retailer when the site says 2-5 days delivery. Today they changed it to december 14th.

So i cancelled my order now and wait until its directly available via Elektron. I have always bad experiences with these kind of ‘pre-orders’. I’ll just wait now, might be even longen but it seems like that.


Thomann, right? Judging by the availability of DT at Elektron you could be in for a longer wait.


Indeed, i still have my AR MK1 so no problem on the longer wait.


Theres no way I can afford one until 2019 or so, but yup. Gotta get me one. That first chill hip hop style beat sealed it for me


i wonder if the new one has the same stiff pads as the MK1 or if that has been improved upon somewhat


BoBeats tells about the new pads: