Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


lack of midi seguencing the external gear kills it for me. I’m not entirely sure who is this product made for. Market is moving dowards growing connectivity and elektron seems to kind of missing the point here. Nice interface tho and Cenk does awesome demo once again…


To me sonically the best experience with A4 was connected with the Roli Seaboard i can’t imagine Elektron making an AK Mk2 with that level of technology of the keys side. Just for fun, test the Roli Seaboard in a Music Shop (if it’s not done yet) just to feel that extra sensoriel experience…

it’s change my life forever on the expressivity aspect of the music. or more realistic i rediscover it.
And programmed, the Roli can control the A4 sounds in a magical way so the playability is then, incredible.

@andreasroman ask to try it with the included VST called EQUATOR. in the more expensive version it’s a real synth (Seaboard GRAND) with Equator embedded but it’s just too expensive for me. and no knobs on it to program the synthesis so deal breaker then even if i have the luxury to buy it.


Guys “Analog Rytm is now shipping” …


I appreciate the advise, but I’m old school. Give me a keyboard, a proper sequencer and a nice synth engine and I’m good. It’s not that I don’t think these things would be cool. It’s just that I don’t feel that I need them.

I live in a small space with three kids. I’ve got one little desk in the corner of our home, that’s dedicated to music. That’s all I’ll ever get, probably. This space needs to be as singular and focused as the state of mind I’d like to be in when I make music. Gear, plug-ins, computers, VSTs - they won’t accomplish that. I’ve been down that rabbit hole. Many times. Over the years. I know exactly what I want. And come each season, there’s a release or two down the hardware line that edges just a little bit closer to that specific idea.

I mean, put me in a lab with the Elektrons, I’d design the instrument on the whiteboard and we’d be done before lunch. But I think I’m a very niche user, seeing as I -
Want a great keyboard, cause I’m a piano player
But only 37 keys, cause I don’t have space for more, really (this is where the combo gets tricky)
Needs to sound great
And have a great sequencer
And a workflow not designed by an intern

AKeys is close. Roland’s Jd-Xi, an interesting attempt. Deluge, not bad. Akai MiniAk, conceptually right, horribly executed (well, sort of). Reface CS - in a workstation, it’d be perfect.

And so on.

I’m synth grandpa in a younger man’s body.


i don’t think i tried to sell you the thing. Just to experienced it, for fun.

anyway :stuck_out_tongue: yeah coming back to topic
Damn it’s hard to stick to something when something lead to another. And more difficult between passionated people (that’s why i think the Chat would be awesome…)


Waldorf kb37 plus Metropolis plus Atlantis plus plus 30+ stackable patchcables plus some fx of your choice?



Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard, maybe? No sequencer, but one of the nicest and most fully-featured arps I’ve ever seen. Really nice fatar keybed, all metal case, sounds great, easy to program and tweak.


Is it? When did that happen? Why am I always the last to know.

Sorry @avantronica but when you serve like that, you gotta expect a smash :blush: no harm intended​:heart:️


Hmm hmm. Interesting. Thanks. I’m gonna explore that, if for no other reason than that I didn’t see it coming. At all.


The Rytm is the most mysterious Elektron box to me.

For someone who prefers to use samples for drums like myself, it doesn’t seem to offer THAT much more than my Digitakt.

I mean, I get that it’s a cool drum machine, but it’s £1500! That’s almost a grand more than the DT.

Am I missing anything? Is it essentially a Digitakt with Analog Four levels of control and modulation?


And 8 analog drum synth voices. And analog filters and envelopes instead of digital ones. And pads. The digital vs. analogue discussion aside, having all that circuitry in there does make it more expensive to assemble than doing all the sounds generation on a single ARM processor.


I think it’s really nice. It should quickly gain a following.
If I’m critical of anything, it’s of the original and how it feels like a rough draft. The mkii just seems like what they were originally after. For nothing else, the I/Os and the quality of inputs.

Anyway, I’ve got a rytm and DT so it’s kinda the same thing but with extra voices (and space).


That exactly. Holds true for A4MK2 as well.


True story. Perhaps I’m just- in the end- not a fan of the RYTM

But, I felt silly listening to the SoundCloud demos of the mk2 and eventually realizing they were the same demos used for the mk1. And in a weird way it felt like the A4 was more improved upon for the mk2 when- in the beginning- the AR felt like the bigger improvement.

But that’s just in terms of the sound- the new engine will probably be cool- hopefully that OS drops sooner than selling and shipping mine out


I have to agree. I admit I was a little nervous/apprehensive buying a Jomox AB ahead of the MKII’s planned release. Maybe with time my view will change but I feel a little liberated knowing I don’t just own Elektron gear… and personally (although very subjective) much prefer the Jomox sound, filters and VCAs…

Regardless MKII’s are no doubt an upgrade and I bet they sound great in the flesh - I upgraded to the OT MKII from the MK I and have no regrets… But I am happy with just the OT and MD UW+… I have decided not to tie myself in further…


I do think the Rytm was more fulfilled at the start. The A4MKI now feels like a polished beta version of an idea - it’s all there, it works pretty well, but it’s not as good as it can be.

Whereas the Rytm was closer to its full potential from the start, and less to improve upon. Sampling is cool and makes sense, but it expands, not improves, on what the Rytm does. Whereas I think the A4MKII is sort of a proper revision of something that just had more room for improvement.


Are you sure that the RYTM’s envelopes are analog? I really disliked them, and much prefer the DT’s envelopes. I was wondering if they changed them on the mk2 to be more like the DT’s.


It is @ufuk:


Sorry, meant to refer to the VCAs. The envelopes and other control voltages are generated digitally.