Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


This beast looks amazing…

(Do you think that triggered recording will be possible? That is something that the Digitakt can’t do, and it seems like a missed opportunity to me. Triggered recording would enable easy on-the-fly resampling!)




Oddly, I have no gas for this. I was expecting at least the usual tug o’war, between my emotional desire to just buy the entire supply and the rational mind going “Come, come, you need only three or four, five at the most.”

No such thing, though. But it does seem great, a pinnacle of the modern groove box.


Give it some time. It’ll come. You were late with A4 MK2, too :smiley:



Also, I’d given the A4MKII some hands-on time before it got me.

So if I just stay away all together from the Rytm, gas won’t come.



Keep trying to fool yourself. It‘s admirable yet futile.


apart from the new buttons, sampling, screen and VCO machine does anyone know if the overall sound has had a re-work like the A4mk2


why would you - the only thing changed in the A4 was the Low pass filter and its associated drive side -the A4 multimode filter was left alone and the same can be assumed for the AR, it doesn’t have a fixed LFP filter (which clearly had some influence on the A4 character, not to everyone’s taste)

The AR has an amazing sound/filter, what’s to fix - it’s clear they can freely redesign the source sound side because that’s where the difference can be made - if you look at any user reviews about the AR they’ll not discus the filter/low-end but they’ll maybe focus on the character of the machines (and we’re all getting a new one even though it was already amazing for bass sounds)

The fact that it’s not in a bullet point is all you need to know - even the input/output levels are the same - sound was not an issue, ‘if it ain’t broke’ etc


It’s me. Cenk’s twin brother.


My wife just said the same thing. And my daughter went “Mm-hmm”, and they shared one of them You Know It, Girlfriend-looks and both took a sip from their cups.

So yeah.

But even if I’m the last to know, I’m happily ignorant to the end :slight_smile:


i would like to make a joke on the writer with this but I do not really have the final idea and I think you’ll write it better than me, so…

(metaphor - comparison)


Give it your best. I can take it :slight_smile:

In fact, you can consider it your first draft. I’ll then bring it home, revise it and show you my edits. We can collaborate on the second draft together, pitch it to a few of the nauts here, and then rework it a third time. Once the joke’s final, we’ll perform it together on stage, while jammin’ away on our Analog Rytms MKII and -




Honestly, though, it’s not like I’m cured. I just have a very clear picture of what’d be even more attractive than the A4MKII right now, and the Rytm ain’t it.

Essentially, it’s the A4MKII worked into a compact yet sturdy keyboard. An Analog Keys MKII, if you will.


It makes sense to focus on the A4 mk2
Dont get infected by the buying syndrome
It takes away the focus from making music

one rule (for me):
GAS is what I experience When I dont make music
It is some kond of external attribution on my lack of making music


Or just bring to the A4 MK2 a modern midi keyboard with this new generation of touch thing (in the road direction of the Roli Seaboard but something less expansive)

@wouzer Even if the Bass territory is very more experienced from the beginning, as i sold everything to update to mark2 and i have nothing for month. I receive only the A4 that’s probably why i focussed more this time on it and feel like it’s pure magic. Few Years ago when i buy the Dark Trinity i started by AR then OT (it took time for this one) then A4 and i’m not enter in the beast (probably the Bass not really sure) i ended by sold it second hand and stick to ITB Synthesis for the possibilities and power. I do think the same but now designing Bass and Drum outside of the computer make sense. (i can instant throw the basics of the groove then i can switch for the extra and construction ITB)

Kind of Analog LOWEND combine with extraterrestrial origin’s Digital melody & voices :smile:


Very true. What I learned from gas is that when making music is hard, one tends to think that acquiring other gear might make it easier. And it’s not always completely false, yet almost never entirely true. If you don’t have a compressor, and you get the right compressor, it could make a huge difference that might resolve a block - just imagine Daft Punk’s Homework without that classic Alesis compression,for example.

However, with an instrument as fulfilled as the A4MKII, there are no such excuses. I always struggle to finish things but this time, it’s clear to me that I have all the tools I need to get done, what I hear in my head. It’s just plain, damn hard. And it will never get easier. And that’s just the way it is. That’s the contract we sign when we decide to spend time on this. And we break it when gas elludes us, which is why each purchase can become all the more frustrating - you know it’s a substitute for something else.


Never gonna happen. The singular workflow of one piece is, for me, essential. I’d rather separate the two experiences completely, if I can’t merge them. Sitting down and playing, and enjoying that for what it is - or composing, and enjoying that for what it is.

I want both, but if I can’t have it in the shape that I’d prefer, a compromise will only frustrate me. This, I also learned from gas. The A4MKII, for what it is, holds no compromises. Attach a keyboard to it, and the compromising begins. Merge it with a keyboard, though, and you’ve got a perfect little kit for me.


The guy in the video doing the finger drumming hip hop routine, who is he? I really liked that part!


I see little difference between A4 + keyboard and AK. Actually I imagine a very large keyboard would even suits a keyboard player much better.
Lately I’ve been playing on 2 external keyboards at the same time to be able to play two A4 tracks simultaneously (kind of easy midi split) and it was a good experience.


Usually, keyboards integrated into the instrument have hardware features specifically designed with the awareness that a keyboard is around. When done well, it becomes a part you can’t attach or detach from the experience, but as essential as the rest of it.

The AKeys did okay in this department, but not great. Clearly, a design that lets your fingers move as seamlessly from playing to composing to designing, to intergrate it with your skill as a keyboard player, is something else than supporting any midi device.

That’s not to say a midi keyboard isn’t a great option or even preferable to some. But for me, it’s not an option cause I know that when done well, the intergrated experience is the best one for me.