Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


ditto, i actually downgraded…sold my AR shortly after getting a DT…bought a couple of drum modules instead.


The colour puts me off so much on the MK2s.


Yeah. The Analogs are too big and all the MKIIs box buttons make it even boxier.

Still, if I were doing it again, I’d totally pick it up…

Maybe? While MKI prices are what they are? :thinking:


I stream all channels from my AR MKI at 16 bit via USB on the regular. This message seems to indicate the newer boxes have greater bandwidth.


Previous to Heat and Digitakt it’s USB 2.0 Full-Speed which is max of 12 Mbit/s. All the new stuff is USB 2.0 High-Speed which is 480 Mbit/s. (That is 40 times the speed.) This is old news – it’s been posted around here before.

What is done with this bandwidth is of real interest to me with the new Overbridge due in February.


Wait! Where is the Cuckoo’s video about Rytm mk2??


Once they’ve been black, there’s no going back :wink:


Who did the finger drumming in the product video? That wasn’t Cenk.


Maybe it’s not in the firmware the “influencers” got on their machines and it will be in the one that’s shipped.


The addition of the DT-like sampler is what makes this for me. What a package you’ve got in that AR2 box.


We’d hope so, otherwise Elektron really need to add a note to that video.


Does it come with the firmware the AR MK2 ships with?


I don’t think i have ever been in love with a machine except with the AR Mk1 but the Mk2 is eyeballin’ me… I owned a DT for a while and it was addictive but didn’t beat the charme of the AR to me so she had to go. I like to sit down with one machine and this seems a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ typ a deal but being an early DT adopter, wading thru bugs and seeing the price crash the way it did i’m gonna wait this one out…


FFS … GASing hard now :sweat_smile:


Before it was announced i was hey cool if it’s December it’s December but now i have read that… i’m now completely a child with a gigantic impatience !

:japanese_goblin: so impatient that i sent the news to the shop where i pre-ordered and told them : hey i trust you to let me inform and as fast as it’s received, please test one and send me ASAP hahaha

not sure to be able to sleep any :cb_m::cb_o::cb_r::cb_e:
until i get it in my hands. :fist_right:
----------------------------- :level_slider:




2 VCOs that I expect from the synth name to be tuneable independently + one single cycle wave = fat 3 voices patches.

Now I’m really gonna start having wet dreams about a 2nd LFO… :wink:


Possibilities will be endless combining this with resampling. Not to bothered about another LFO as you can plock the one there is which greatly enhances it’s versatility.


Can’t wait to make Layering on Two voices, Eqing/filter, shape… resample. Move to the Sample Layer on the Synth voice. Great Layering Done, without the computer. (Free the TEMP voice Yup) No weird frequency clash now


A new drum model??! :kissing_heart:
Love you guys!