Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


I have mine. Very happy - haven’t owned elektron since machinedrum a while back so there is a lot to (re)learn / learn afresh. So far only used the machines and preloaded samples, will get into some sampling tomorrow. Sounds amazing though.

Still the retail supply is really patchy - some places have bundles, others can’t get stock. Which is bad if you preordered at one of the unlucky shops.

Am I right that overbridge is not available at all for this device until February? I did install the software on the off chance there would be some limited functionality but the software couldn’t see the device. Is there a thread for this? Wouldn’t want to go off-message :wink:


Which shop is that ? Legit ? :thinking:


What happened to your MPC bro?


I sold it. I just thought it was kind of boring. People will give me crap “it’s the user man, not the gear” but whatever. It always felt like working in Logic, but with a smaller screen :smiley:

I didn’t jive well with the logic of the sampling capability either. The sampling was a tad easier to use as far as a learning curve, but the Elektron sampling is way better and more functional I think, once you learn how it works. I never got time stretching to work right on the MPC either. Constantly had to mess with it if my sample was a different BPM than the master. Tried all the different settings too. When I say Elektron sampling, I’m talking OT sampling. I haven’t used the sampling on the RYTM and probably will not. It seems lacklustre from what I’ve seen in vids. I don’t really need it, being I have the OT.

I got bored of the MPC and it’s capabilities. But the main reason I did not like it was the effects. Akai needs to get with Elektron and learn how to make a proper reverb. The reverb on the MPC is pitiful. Anyhow, I’m stoked with the setup I have now.


I will agree that my MPC feels like a DAW… That’s precisely why I want to keep it in my collection… Like you I prefer Elektrons workflow. But my MPC feels like an escape from getting cought up in repetitive approach. I respect your choices but I liked what you were doing with the MPC… I’ll keep mine and consider the Octatrack for my Elektron approach… Thanks for all your input…


Bax shop, but the price is back at 1666 euros now. It is a Elektron retailer.


Which EU stores actually have 'm in stock, or ship reasonably quick? We have one mention of Thomann in this thread. Any others?

@NoiseLab Thomann mentions a delivery time of about 2 weeks. Does that match your experiences?


Juno have them ready to ship.


EU? :wink:

All joking aside, I need an invoice in € for tax reasons.

(Edit: Oh wait, they do bill in € apparently. Will have to find out whether VAT exempt business-to-business sales work between NL and UK)


I just received the beautiful machine today at Montréal


Where did you get it from? I am waiting for moogaudio to have it but it seems it’s gonna take forever!


I think it’s up to Elektron for delivering the second batch.


same here - just got an email, should be going out today! :smiley:


At Moog Audio Montreal :slight_smile:


oh sweet! happy jamming!


Received. Damn i miss so much that one…
I’m so happy at the moment…


Oh how I miss my good old Rytm !
Maybe time to try again to get the mk2 :wink:


Yeah and now with resampling no need the computer for EQing Top Layers, no need computer for Monochords :stuck_out_tongue: so cool

No need Transfer app to import sample… Just sample boom it’s realtime and in the box in no Time (kidding a bit here from another thread obviously, please don’t feel targeted it’s a joke)


Nice!! Still waiting for mine! Feels like it might be a while, however, I’m also feeling that’s a good thing after hearing what issues some people are having :slight_smile:

Being my very first Elektron device I know I’ll go a little crazy with the param-locks and trig conditions first of all heheheh… I’ve been playing around with the Online demo of digitakt every now and then.


I have ZERO issues … everything is perfect as well as every sampling-resampling mode it’s offer… I’m really satisfied :slight_smile: