Analog Rytm MKII is now shipping


That is good to hear! I so cannot wait


Mine finally arrived, will pick it up tomorrow :slight_smile:

I will miss the 30 times a day ‘F5’ refreshing to see if the availability was updated :stuck_out_tongue:


Just work through the manual step by step. Don’t try to grasp everything in one go.

I remember studying the Machinedrum manual before I even got one. Yes I am such a nerd. I sold my 909 to get the MD and it’s been my trusty companion for over a decade now. I even sent it to Sweden to have it upgraded with the UW sampling kit. I recently paired it with an Analog Heat and this feels like another upgrade that gives it a whole new life.


Digitone looks fun but not enough to get my mind of the Rytm, and I have an MM for digi synth sounds. So ordered. Can’t wait to have the MD+AH combo battle it out with the Rytm!


Got my Rytm :smile:
From my local retailer here in Lausanne, Switzerland


My AR2 shipped from Sweetwater today. On a related note, Thavius Beck has a new tutorial out on the AR2 via I have no affiliation, but I used his tutorial on my A4 when I first got it, and was very impressed with how good the tutorial was.


Thanks for that ! I will watch it now :sunglasses:


His tutorials are very good indeed. I’ve seen the ones on the A4 and the AH.


It’s interesting how much one’s perception of something can entirely change with time. I just received my RYTM MKII yesterday; I had the MKI years ago when it first came out. I thought it was ok at the time, but had my share of complaints about various things.

I wasn’t terribly fond of the analog sounds it was capable of at the time, but it’s crazy how much I dig them now. I know my mind is playing tricks on me because nothing has changed regarding the analog components. I was getting so many kicks and snares I really liked by just using the Silky BD, and Natural SD engines; metallic hi-hats are great as well. Also, I think I like the reverb and delay on the RYTM the most out of all of Elektron’s machines purely due to the ability to route them through the analog distortion.

It’s beautiful. I love everything about the changes made to the MKII design. I bought this knowing full well that I’d be willing to send it back to Elektron if I encountered any of the issues I’ve been hearing about, but fortunately it seems to be A-ok after messing with it for an hour or so.

It might be all the math and coding classes I’ve been exposed to over the years since I had my first RYTM that has changed the way I see things. I felt limited by the RYTM before, but it just seems entirely different and more capable to me with tons of awesome possibilities now.


throw some Drumatix wavs in the sample layers and look out! My favorite hats are Drumatix sample layer + CH Metallic with those crisp Rytm envelopes.


I’ve tried convincing myself I don’t want a mk2 because having a true sampler on an 8-voice drum machine makes voice allocation decisions tricker, but I can’t help thinking it’s better to get a mk2 than just augment a mk1 with a DT because the DT lacks parameter slides and velocity mods…


Haven’t even messed with samples, or updated the OS with the DVCO engine yet. Another thing I’m particularly loving is how easy/convenient it is to integrate a compressor with sidechaining into the setup. I have the Digitone sequencing a synth running through it’s audio inputs with the Digitone’s master out going to a compressor before going into the RYTM’s Ext Ins. Then I just simply run a cable from the RYTM’s individual BD output into the compressor’s sidechain input. Super tidy with no mixer needed, and sounds excellent with the RYTM’s compressor compressing everything.


it’s the best Drum Machine out there for me. it’s modern, it’s powerful… and everyone can make their own dream drums kits. it’s so convenient :wink: IF I could have only one hardware device it would be the Rytm MKII every day. (because of drums and low-end frequencies the Rytm can shape/generate)