Analog Rytm MKII don't BOOT or Start ?!? Need Your Support

I’d return the unit and exchange for a new one.

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so i have the rytm mkll since december … first batch.
love the sound especially the sample capability that work a lot with the octatrack. so happy about the duo wonderful machine
yesterday dint boot i read this tread and i was so F scared. i didnt have any problem since yesterday.
i press function before booting up and show me “error” same imagine of Bowsky . mine is 1.40 (not B not C) even more scared about
after few hours i dint touch it i try it again and everithing was fine.
now i am making music and i have some track that i really love … something that i would like to save
feeling in love with this machine!!

now :
i know maybe in the future i will have the same problem of one of you guys and maybe i will need to give back for a refund or replace
my question is : how can i save all my track /music in case my rytm dont boot anymore / start to have more problems? i really like this device and i dont want to loose all my music!

scary thing is getting really hot after few hours of playing!!!

any suggestions???

Yep they get hot. I never owned a mkI. I’m curious; did those also get hot?

You can backup your samples using the transfer app and your projects too with sysex dump in the system menu (and a transfer app) I believe.

Yep… Toasty even if the room temperature is hot…

ok so we are not alone :slight_smile:

The heat from the Rytm is from all the analog components shoved in a tight space…
I used mine in a loft over a fireplace (wasn’t thrilled but only good spot for my setup, had fans blowing downward) for two years, approached 90 F many times with lots of radiant heat… The rytm would get toasty but that didn’t stop it from rocking and sometimes I left it on all day and into the night, like 16 hours or so…
I don’t think heat is the issue…

Any news or updates regarding this? What was the cause for the AR not booting? Has it stopped for those of you who reported it?

Mine didnt boot this morning. I thought maybe I forgot to turn the main power on but that was not it. I turned the power switch on the rytm of and on again on it booted. I used it for about an hour and no problems exept it stil gets very warm on the sides.

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my make this and i make empty reset and after that i install new version and now my AR working

I experience this sometimes, the power on switch just does nothing or maybe a short blink of all lights when I switch the rytm on… Switching off and on again works then and the unit powers up, no further problems so far, unit is on latest officially available firmware…


Yes it still happens randomly and its not very reassuring. Lets hope they sort this out.

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For those of you who have issues with the AR2 not powering on, are you using a power strip (to turn on/off all of your gear with one switch)?

Like this

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yes I do use such power strip but a) it is turned on and b) all other devices like digitone, digitakt, pulse2 blofeld, etc. … pp. do not have issues with powering on. Furthermore my power strip should be of some quality (brennenstuhl)…


I mention the power strip because I’ve had it happen a couple times where my AR2 didn’t power up (while on the power strip) when I turned on the power strip. All of my other gear did. I had all the switches on my synths & drum machines switched in the “on” position so that I could power everything on all at once by using the power strip’s on/off switch.

Since then, while I still have my AR2 plugged in to the same power strip, I actually use the AR2’s power switch to turn it on/off separately from all of my other gear. I haven’t had any issues at all when doing that.

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I always switch my devices on one by one. Sometimes the Ar mkii just does not power up. I hope there will be a fix…


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Why not try Merphiew’s suggestion? Or try the AR in a different position in the power bar. Perhaps first in the chain instead of being stubborn?

Doesnt hurt to try.

Adding: doing that trouble shooting could help with a fix.

I do exactly what he does when switching power on. I did not mention that I already tried switching the place in the power strip. I already tested that to no avail since I got two power strips which power my whole setup. The last thing I did not rule out is the ac adapter which could be faulty too… but maybe we will see some solution from Elektron…


PS: I love that Ar mkii. There is so much pressure in this precious box and I find it easy to use :slight_smile:

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Crappy :frowning:
Hope you get it sorted out :+1:

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Thx, all will be good :slight_smile:

it works for me too Tank you