Analog Rytm MKII don't BOOT or Start ?!? Need Your Support

Hej Guys,

I have an emergency and I need your help.

It’s friday, I have holidays and all I want is to make some crazy beats with this beautiful piece of machine. But unfortunately my MKII won’t boot or even start anymore?

I press power button, lights are showing and display just shows elektron logo and firmware no. 1.40b.

After that it just happens nothing???

Do you have any tips for me to solve this problem asap?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Hold func key while powering on and do a factory reset. There’s also a test mode in that menu which should show any problems.

If that doesn’t help I’m afraid you will need to send it back for a replacement. You should also create a support ticket with Elektron.

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Does it boot into test mode (hold Func while switching on)? Maybe try a factory reset. If that doesn‘t help->support ticket.

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Try restarting in test mode
Hold function button on startup
Do you get any error indicator?

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Maybe try test mode? :joy:

result of test mode…

I suggest a support ticket. Elektron support is stellar.


OK. Ticket has been sent out,

anyway. thanks a lot for your prompt reaction!

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I have the same problem… It only boots one time out of 20 tries…

How long does it take if you send it back?

WTF, just got mine in new (after 4 months of waiting out of pre order in september…)

I doesn’t boot and I get the same error.

I will email support, what was the response you guys got?

I got no response… I sent it back today. Annoyed as f***

Hi there!
I report exactly the same behavior than @bowski, @Twan and Deception (not allowed to tag him yet) :wink:
Test mode also displays exactly the same as on bow’s picture.

I’m starting to guess to a whole batch is infected! Actually not funny at all.
Same as @Twan 's, mine randomly boots up sometimes
but today I did not manage to get it to boot… ;(

Ticketed Elektron and the retailer, let’s see what they’ll come up with.
Please report your findings and answers from support.
Devs are probably just as wary as we are.

Hi all!
I’m having the exact same boot problem as the TC.
Looks like holding [TRIG] 1 key helps to boot it sometimes. But it may be a coincidence))

In test mode i get the same log. Also, all buttons are tested normally (text: " pressed") except [TRIG] 1 and [TRIG] 2.
Pressing [TRIG] 1 shows blank white screen.
Pressing [TRIG] 2 shows black screen.

Any news from support?

I find it mind boggling that Elektron doesn’t quality check the products when they roll off the assembly line let alone check whether it powers up correctly…

Yesterday it did power up one time, enjoyed the first contact :slight_smile:

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My AR2 ships out to me today. It’s kinda sad that I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives in proper working condition. It should be a no brainer that a brand new $1500 machine should arrive in perfect working condition.

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Hi guys, all of a sudden I got mine working!

Out of frustration I powered it up a few times while immediately powering it down again within 1-2 seconds (so before you see the OS version). Then it looked broken as when I powered it up it shut down out of itself while only blinking all the lights just for a second. Then I waited a minute, thinking I made things worse…, put it on and since then it works normally!

Maybe it is a bit onorthodox but I fires up everytime now like it should. :slight_smile:


If I were you I’d still return it and get one that works properly. It sucks, but a machine should boot up every single time without having to fuck around with it to get it to do so.


Actually, mine’s been working today also)

This is weird.

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Well it works perfectly now, I have got 3 years of guarantee and it has been noted at the dealer.
So no worries.