Analog Rytm MKII don't BOOT or Start ?!? Need Your Support


a new firmware


is that OS1.40B ?




Is it the dev Build?


This is turning into a game of Guess Who…?


I’ve been reading this forum for 8 weeks hoping that one day someone will say definitively what the problem actually is and what caused it.


There will be a firmware out in a few hours that includes a fix for the “UI Not Tested” issue and the boot issues.

Edit: 1.40C is available now here:


good morning guys,
just came back home from a very nice & smoothy jam session last night, but anyway I’m still so frustrated by this machine ar mk2.
I was so happy to read that new firmware update was released on friday so that i decided to get my drum machine ready for this jam session and yes, it worked quite well for the first 30 min i would say…
after that short period of fun (friends were blown away from there sound out of it!) this machine crashed again for every 2-5 minutes. mostly it freezes, but sound was still playing or it just saves kits or changed parameters on it’s own. horrible!

really, Again??? Elektron? Was has happened with our lovely gear?
Is it really a problem of the hardware itself and cannot be fixed with an new firmware update?

what is your experience with the new update guys?
by the way. Maybe a RESET of Factory Data would be necessary after or before upgrading to new firmware 1.40C???

by the way I’ve bought my mkII from “justmusic” here in germany.


Usually when there is such a requirement it‘s explicitly stated in the instructions. As it doesn‘t say so, I don‘t think it‘s necessary. For the record, I got my AR MK2 from justmusic, too. It hasn‘t crashed on me once, even with previous firmware versions. Not sure how to feel about that.


Are you saying that after updating to OS 1.04C your AR2 is still freezing/crashing?


hej @Meriphew,
YES. Exactly. It still crashes/freezes after updating to OS 1.04C…


My AR MK2 locked up for the FINAL TIME last night during a session…

Bye Bye.

Elektron? What’s going on?!?!

You’re losing your credibility!!!


Wow! Sorry to hear that. I was really hoping Elektron took care of this issue with that last update.


My Rytm MKII has frozen a couple of times.

on MKII_OS1.40B it froze up completely and wouldn’t restart . displaying some error message

I managed to get it to start after multiple restarts.

I then updated OS to Analog-Rytm_MKII_OS1.40C via USB.

since then it has crashed once.


Good morning everyone,

just a short update from my side.

Since firmware update 1.40C I’ve got the possibility to work with this lovely machine for hour without being interrupted by some technical issues, but YES. It still freezes sometimes or just switching patterns, save setting without my permission…

For example yesterday I was working almost 3-4 hours with my MKII without any problem, but then it freezes again so that I had to restart my drum machine quick to avoid further damages of my patterns or kits.

QUESTION to all of you.
DO you also got those further problems AFTER installing to newest firmware?

Is is just a software problem in regular or an hardware issue, cause this is the 3rd Elektron Analog Rytm in a row which has the same problems???

NOW I really have to think about if waiting to next firmware update will make sense, cause I already lost to much time for producing tracks.

thx a lot for your feedback!



Yes, mine has frozen since the update.

I put a ticket in with Elektron Support about 2 weeks ago.

They have still not responded.

Feels like they are ignoring it. (they are usual very good with support)

I think this is a generic problem they are keen to hush up.


I’ve also send them a ticket and they’ve responded me after 2 or 3 weeks.
“No problem” for them to take care of it. Also will ship a new unit.
But this will also mean that I will have to work for a long time without this machine I’ll guess, due to I live in Germany. But anyway…
Everytime this machine was unusable I went to my music store dealer and they return it immediately by theirselves and hand me out a new ONE! Great performance by the way. If I’ve mentioned before this is already my 3rd Elektron Analog Rytm in a row.
Any other equipment out there I would probably have returned forever after this whole story, but I’m still not losing hope that one day everything will be solved and I finally will be able to bounce the hell out of it…
Anyway. ELEKTRON. There are too many producers out there who a losing a lot of time (and also “nerves”) by just waiting that you will fixed those big buges asap! We are used a completely different support by you guys in the past.
I’m don’t going to mention a single word about OB either - 'cause this is whole anotha story!!!

p.s. tomorrow it’s friday. easter holidays will start. i’m still praying each night in front of my synths that there will be an easter surprise by you guys. :grinning:

greets from hamburg


That’s weird. Elektron support (via support tickets) has always been quick to respond with questions/issues I’ve had. I’ve probably contacted them around 5-6 times over the last year (including issues with my AR2) and they always responded within a few days max.


mmmh - not that best “sign” I’ll guess?

honestly I would prefer that elektron will write an open letter to the community with a short but detailed explanation whats the real issue with our lovely machine mkII - will these bugs fixed by firmware update or not? In my opinion a cleary spoken word to us customers since day one that would be a great and only fair "move"by them…

yesterday I’ve made one of my best drum beats with lots of varieties and modulation. Still be on safe side and save my progress every 5 min or less…
but then it just crashed, saved pattern for no reason and after restarting machine to load my latest saved kit and project i found out that my drum track and more were completely destroyed…so annoying!
it’s a hell of a drummachine, but we’re losing too much time due to those big bugs in the meantime.
by the way it’s friday and a new update seems not to be offered.
i’m not expecting one of those great monster updates, I’m -just- demanding for a functionable, working drum machine - which should not that big deal in this price segment or am I’m wrong?
IN fact that only a few people are responding in this thread I’m still trying to figure out if there are people out there which have a totally intact drum machine…
it seems that every week somebody posts a video on youtube with the same freezing and crashing issues as described in this thread. so frustrating…

anyway. wish U guys a lot of fun with your gear this weekend.


Darn! I bought an AR MkII last week and abdolutely love it, but i’m getting the sudden freezes too and kinda feel sorry I didn’t read this thread before. Its not a booting issue, just a sudden freeze and switch to random leds blinking followed by unresponsive knobs/buttons. Since a reboot (temporarily) fixes the problem its most probable that its a firmware/software issue… right? Or are there people with mk2 rytms that never have an occasional freeze, even on heavy use?