Analog Rytm mki and analog rytm mkii upgraders


Have same issue with my Yamaha MoX6 when the MoXF6 came out. Ironically, aside from the improved “engine” it had sample features.

It’s taken me a long time for my AR to break me in, and while sampling would be cool, I primarily use my AR to play one shot drum samples triggered by Yamaha e-kit.

I really have all I need, I just need to tame my little ego’s pride that wants the latest and greatest of my chosen gear.

I still use and enjoy my Line 6 X3Live. It covers guitar, bass and vocal pre-amps, FX, etc… I have withstood the gear lust storms for that!

Finally, I still record with my trusty Roland VS880ex. I upgraded to a VS2000cd a few years ago, but I am deep into my 880ex songs at 48K, and unfortunately the VS2000cd only does 44K and less!



The LFO is exactly how you can achieve a higher resolution in a single parameter of your choice. Try controlling the filterping cutoff with the LFO for finer control.

FWIW the A4 has a finer parameter range for most controls… Perhaps it would suit this sort of synthesis better? I find the two complement each other beautifully as far as synthesis is concerned, you got 4 voices of über-tweakdom (A4) plus 8 voices of supporting synthesis (AR)


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+1. I too can not understand why the Rytm does not have this.


I now feel like an a-hole. I was SO SET on working towards an A4mk2/selling my RYTM for a AK for the sep outs. I’ve had my A4 right in front of my computer for the past day and thought before I set the wheels in motion, let me give that whole Overbridge thing an honest shot.

Damn, this is fantastic and MUCH LESS a pain in the keister than I thought!

MK1 works for me! I’m all set, maybe I’ll sell my Rytm and get a DT instead! And then I’m golden!


I think the MKII’s look great.

For me to switch to a Rytm MKII though, there would have to be a new backup mode in OS 1.32. I have spent countless hours on filling it with samples and creating content, and with the current solution it would make it a nightmare to move all that content to a new machine.
It really is a feature that I miss a lot, since using it for live shows is kind of nerve wracking. If the machine breaks or gets stolen, everything is lost. Really hope to see this implemented some way in the next OS.

Also: I don’t see any mounting options on the MKII chassis. I completely understand that this is even more of a tabletop design, but many out there (including me) are mounting their Elektron machines in different ways.

And last note:It is nice with more buttons for quicker access to functions, but am I the only one who is a little concerned with the choice of adding a function push to get to the mute page? I reach for the mute page all the time when I play, and having to push function-QPER complicates things. Maybe it’s only me.


Mute page still has a dedicated button. That mute for is for the qperf function which we still don’t know much about. I am assuming it’s like a scene from the OT, so hitting function and qperf just mutes that scene.


God damn it. Should have had my coffee before ranting on the internet :grin:

All is well then, ha ha.


I don’t get you… Are you saying that a rytm paired with the A4 is not the best combo ever? :confused: :diddly:


Machinedrum with A4 is superb


how you get “clean” sounding samps with that combo tho? Doesn’t sound as flexible to me… And no conditrigs nor microtime on the MD? I guess these things are subjective…


You must mean OT+Rytm of course… :grin:


The sounds just mesh SO WELL with each other. The warm sounds of the A4 are cut through with the crisp sound of the MDUW. It’s like the ying-yang of Analog and Digital.


Now I’m in this boat too… Find a brand new MKI with decent price (I’m done with used gear after my last two purchases went bonkers) or preorder MKII.
I know I don’t need the sampling. Trying to figure out what else is there new that really makes it stand out.
Everything worked great besides the machine resetting itself. Overbridge was flawless as well.


im on the same fence but im waiting for elektron to let me know what the acceptable voltages for the CV/Expression in are. I’m pretty set (at least I preordered one) on the A4 MK2, but I might pre order a RYTM MK2 as well. Being able to feed some euro modulation into it might tip me over the edge.

wires are kind of cool…


Got mine preordered just waiting for the beast to come in a 1-2~ months time. Sampling and resampling sold me.


TETSUO! (the iron man)


I’m waiting to see some live demos / details before ordering…


My credit card is locked and loaded. They got OT MK2 right, they knocked A4 MK2 out of the park and I have no doubt AR MK2 will be the same.


I don’t need onboard sampling, I have a computer. The MK2 has a dedicated fill button which is nice but for the price I would have wanted a higher-res OLED screen so that I can see full parameter names and some more sequencer functionality, a multimap mode for pattern triggering with MIDI notes and a proper sample import/ backup app- instead of an unneeded sampling function which will never match what you can do with a computer.
The new case and buttons are sweet and having a dedicated Fill button makes it a more complete drum machine. I wish they’d offer a non-sampling option for less money…