Analog Rytm mki and analog rytm mkii upgraders


Nope, it isn’t just you… what the hell what they thinking? The mute page is no doubt one of the most commonly used features … Why did they change that? Sticking to the MkI for the foreseeable future.


To me the sampling functionality and especially resampling will make my life easier regarding drum layering. Also to pass and free up somethings on another machine… I can layers things on OT, Sample in the AR etc… I’m sure for people who don’t want to open the computer it can be a time saver as well for people making music outside of their studio too.

Needs are subjective to each one.


I think that is a mute in reference to something other than track mutes. There’s a dedicated mute button below that, between Play and Chromatic buttons, just like Mk 1.


Makes sense. I so much wish they would have had the sampling option available as an optional extra. I would have probably started saving up for the MK2 if it was around the price of the Mk1.


Nah, i´m really not upgrading. Bought my mk1 new just a few months before the mk2 was announced and havent really used it much at all so far so i would be making a VERY stupid deal if i upgraded now.

And, the mk2 does not bring enough to the table for me; just got a Deluge to use as a sampler/resampler amongst other duties and with the gear i have now, i´m all set.