Analog Rytm mki and analog rytm mkii upgraders


I started last year on my Analog rytm loving it and getting the hang of it. And now the newest version Analog rytm mkii is announced with sampling ability, bigger pads and screen wow. But I’m still learning on my current unit and I also just bought only gear cough, cough live so I’m not going to be upgrading for the time being. Unless the synth is rad and all stereo sampling ha, ha. How about you guys?


TBO I like the facelift of the AR and A4 and the tilted UI, if I am not mistaken. Appealing design. The UI has been improved too. Congrats to the designers and Elektron. Fine products :smiley:

Practically speaking, I would only get sampling capability, if I made the change from my MK I to MK II. Since I use for sampling MPC, computer, and OT I don’t miss it on my MK I. For me the difference between the price drop for second hand units and the price for the MK II units and the new features gained does not justify to upgrade. But I am happy to know, that Elektron keeps excellent products supported for the next years to come :smiley:


Saving a deposit for a mortgage is not looking promising.


sampling is something I always wished for on rytm, but I can’t afford upgrading, planning to get octa mk2 for samples anyways.
Just hoping mk1 is not being left in the dust now, that will very much define me getting an octa mk2 or leaving elektron in the dust.


That’s more important mate. Get your name on a mortgage instead of a lease. I made that move 3 years ago. I didn’t buy anything for a while. Now that I’m protected from rising costs of rent in my area I have more money to burn on gear which I don’t. I love my mark I so I’ll stay with it


I’ve only just completed a MKI trinity, including stands, carry case, lids etc. The price to upgrade to MKII when accounting for all this and also including OB licenses could buy me a premium knobby synth. Don’t get me wrong, the upgrades are nice but it isn’t near enough to make me spend on them.


I’ll be interested to hear the A4. I loved everything about the MKI but the sound. That is a very personal opinion, of course.


Yea the price of a RYTM Mk II is almost Jomox Alpha Base Territory once you add overbirdge premium to the mix


don’t love the new form factor, but i guess at some point i have an excuse to own 2xA4 2xAR and use the mk1 as sound modules in a 19" rack off to the side of my main setup.

yes the wallet is going to be hurting over the next 12 months, but at least mk1 units will benefit from some shared updates.


I wonder what the pads are like and even if the synth engines have been tweaked. I feel any software updates would show up on both units if the chips and OS are the same? I do like the tilted design and more dedicated buttons. I love my ease of programming on the rytm and the sound of it. Unless the new unit is radically different in sound they are basically the same beyond aesthetics in my eyes. Plus I still have a lot of diving and sound design to do.


what about the OS updates in the mk1 rytm, should we wait for new features or the support will fade out ?


I think they used the sampling part of the DT and ported it to the AR. If they’d also added midi sequencing it could replace the OT or DT in some setups :sweat_smile:


INB4 dataline swoop in to try to create hype about the (high headroom?) inputs.

Those inputs are so hot right now.


Jon said Mki will continue to get updates and the Overbridge we have now.


I’ll borrow some of my post in the other thread…

At first my jaw dropped and I was thinking my 8 month old AR was suddenly obsolete… then I took a few min, settled down and realized I’m fine. I really wish there was a solid & easy solution for us PC users for sample transfer to the AR like there is with SDS drop on the Mac. If I had that, then I’d totally be happy and not even give the MKII a 2nd look for now. Maybe when I get a new iPad I can look into transferring that way? I don’t know how or if that works. I bought the DT for the just this reason (easy sampling and sample import), so I’m covered for now.

If I want to trade up, then I’ll just sell my MK1 and take the hit. There’s still going to be huge used market for them, but not at the recent inflated prices. It’ll just be like anything else, but I still think they’ll hold a decent value because they’re solid and incredibly usable machines in either version.

Eventually, yeah, I’ll get an MK2, but I’m not going to be rushed to do so. Why? Primarily, because I’m a sucker (whore) for drum machines! :joy: Second, for the easier sample handling and re-sampling. I think I might want a Tempest first though.

Keep Calm and Rytm On!


How does digitakt deal with backing up your samples from it? Now that rytm is getting sampling, we absolutely need to be able to back up our samples from it (since those sampled PCMs cannot be archived on a hard drive before sending to the rytm)


well one of the reasons not to move to mkII is the sample transferring, my projects are full of live sets with really (my) bad sample filing, if i have to be this kind of trouble to move my sets to the new machine, well no.

But actually i think they will come up with a solution for moving projects (including the samples) from mkI to mkII, if not elektron will still have a major issue.


With DT, right now there is zero way to backup/export samples. You can send to it, but not get anything out of it (short of recording the output). That functionality should arrive with Overbridge support once that’s released via some sort of librarian from what I understand.


thanks for the info. So overbridge will be the way then. Funny that the product page says nothing about sample transfers when they bullet point the overbridge features. Let’s just hope that backing up samples will not require ob premium!


MKII projects are compatible with MKI so seems the analog sound generation and sample playback will be the same. For those that dont live sample from inputs or finger drum, then the MKI is still very appealing given its smaller form factor. The MKI also has the retro machinedrum vibes going on, which i still like :diddly: