Analog Rytm mki and analog rytm mkii upgraders


Co sign. My additional two cents is that they also had to compete with this years newest competitors products. As a current rytm mki owner I’m happy with my unit.


I have the MK1 for almost a year now and I’m really enjoying it. I was saving up for a digitakt so I could sample sounds of the AR. I am running out of tracks…

Now that theyve announced the MK2 with sampling options, I’m in doubt. I’m def not going to sell my AR. I’m thinking wether I should buy a digitakt or save up for the MK2. I only need a good sampler with the same workflow… So a Digitakt would suit… but it’s tempting to go fully analog again. And 12 extra tracks instead of 8.

What would you guys do?


I would stick with the MK1 and get the Digitakt. That’s what I did prior to the MK2 announcement and still very happy with the decision. I think you’ll like the extra tracks a lot more than just added sampling capability into the MK2, but that’s my opinion. In the end, getting the Digitakt will probably be cheaper and less hassle as well. If you really want to run something through analog, then export that sample over. I’m hoping whatever rumored update (likely Overbridge) for AR makes this easier/quicker for PC users, but Mac users have it made with SDS Drop. Use the MK1 for a couple more years and then trade up to the MK2 or whatever is new and shiny then if you feel the desire to.


I think if you have a rytm and some more extras like the elektron bag and lid I would consider getting a Digitakt. For the money loss you can get a Digitakt.


as far as i know there is no sample export right know. it will maybe come with the overbridge premium version …


Pretty sure this will get included with any version of Overbridge as to let people backup their work. That shouldn’t be a paid/premium feature. For now, I’ve been recording the main outs of the Digitakt as needed.


Most likely nothing to do with overbridge per se, but part of the Transfer program imo and it most certainly should be something available to all users


Will the sample transfer app ever be usable with the mark 1 Rytm? Will it only be included in an OS update for the mark 2, or will the mark 1 always only ever be usable with the C6 app?


Transfer was announced before the MK2 was announced and it was stated to have Rytm compatibility in the pipeline.

I see no reason for it to work with MK2 exclusively.

It is not like Elektron to reneg on such promises.


Is the transfer utility part of the digitakt’s non premium Overbridge app? If so then may be it will be made available to AR mark 1 users in a future update.


Transfer is its own application, unrelated to Overbridge.

Rytm MK1 is supposed to be receiving Transfer communication capability at some point, most likely (but not confirmed) with a future Rytm firmware update.


I wonder if the RYTM MKII will get the new envelope curves from the Digitakt. That would make it extra appealing.


I would hope that if the MKII gets them, the MKI would get them added as additional envelope shapes as well, for compatibility (OS and project).


Oh man, having something like the env options of A4 on the rytm… would be incredible for drum sound design, and in a way would refresh all the machines of the box as well!


I was intrigued by the CV at first too, as although I’ve not gone Eurorack yet, I have dipped my toes with the 0 Coast and may do in time. I then got thinking the same, what more could I really do with Cv ins, you can already P lock while using lfos and performance mode all at the same time, I’m not so sure the Cv’s would be neccessary unless others can point out things I’m missing?

The samplings the main thing but it’s a breeze at the moment with SDS drop. Maybe sometime I’ll upgrade as it is all impressive but I have no immediate intentions.


Indeed! It’s what makes A4 and AK killer for drums!


A4 sends four cvs - two for your heat, two for your rytm, hmm? Might be interesting, although as you said, the benefits over mere MIDI CC data might not be substantial? Unless this would give more resolution?


Agreed…there needs to be a total backup solution.


Do we have confirmation that the hi res encoders will apply to all params (ie. cutoff/ tune, etc)

I find the seeming lack of interest to be most unsettling. (Perhaps a bit of a hyperbolic statement, but I did just read all of the preceding 98 comments and didn’t see it mentioned once.)

For me, this would be MONUMENTAL in having infinitely greater control over intonation throughout the instrument. (IE, I love pinging the filter with impulse, but only having 127 values to choose from gets me down in the dumps in a hurry.)

Also, why does the LFO modulation depth param have such a greater range than the rest? it reaches both positive and negative 127, but it also has a slew of values inbetween denoted by the ever fiddly swirly pixel. I’ve never understood why it (the same pot as the rest) can access a deeper range on that particular param.

Additionally/ unrelated - I’m still rather bitter over not having received the keytracking LFO’s that the A4 received in 1.22. -shakes head- Were we ever given a specific reason as to why that isn’t possible, or were Elektron just afraid of making the Rytm too dope?


That would be wonderful and a nice encouragement for AR MK1 owners.