Analog Rytm mki and analog rytm mkii upgraders


Prices will probably drop even more once the mkii are released, if you can wait that long!


I’m real curious to see what the floor is on Rytm Mk1 prices in the US.


Cheapest in U.K. is currently around the £850 mark. Gonna have to try and hold out til October in the hope they’ll drop further…


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26 RYTM in sale on audiofanzine (Website for musician with second hand gear) wow…
15 Analog Four as well

:innocent: to grin and bear it … at least it’s nice it’s release only in september and october :joy:


I couldn’t give a single damn about the resale value of my dark trinity, it is still a stupidly powerful set of tools to make electronic music with.


General resale value
Analog RYTM : 1 050 €
Analog Four 800 €
Octatrack 840 €

Of course depend of the state, warranty amount left etc…


My interest in resale value isn’t due to perceived loss of value or utility. It’s due to potential access for those who couldn’t afford a Rytm before.


I know, more in response to the posts all over the place about the dropping value of their equipment. They’re still the devices they purchased, they’re still unique tools. :slight_smile:


I’ve never loved my MK1 Rytm and AK more!


Of course !


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I don’t want to put anyone off but I must say I’ve never checked to see what the resale value is for any of my gear ever… I understand if one wants to sell now or soon, but besides that I don’t know if it’s healthy, productive, or conducive to making music… Do what you will of course, but just sayin… :grinning:
I’ve been going deep into the OT+Rytm mk1’s the past couple days and they are reblowing my mind! There’s still countless ideas I keep coming up with that I still haven’t explored after almost three years. These are still next level music creation devices and for me their “value” is in the amazing audio that comes out of them. In the last couple days since I’m finding more things they can do, their value to me is going up…
They have a nice look too and are a little more portable, I’m almost liking them more now than before the mk2’s were introduced! :ecstatic:


Im staying with the MK1… just using SDS drop fixes the sampling issue for me. Its really not a “affordable” matter, more of that the MKII seems a bit more like a reason for new Elektron users to jump in. Besides, the new boxes are kind of ugly form factor. I dig the black and silver bricks from the past.


I was sitting on the couch yesterday programming on my A4. I love the compact size, and it just feels right to me.

The new features on the A42 look cool, but my OGA4 isn’t going anywhere.


Can’t wait to get the analog rytm mkii! now that you can sample the machine is fully realized. This makes up for the disappointing OT mkii.


I think the new design is fantastic and much better than its predecessors, but I do prefer the form factor of the Mk I.
Think they could have kept them the same size no problem. They haven’t added much rather than a few buttons, although they have reduced clutter with the new integrated buttons replacing the cluttered looking old button / led combination. This reduced clutter would have made it very nice on the old case as well imo.
Ive never heard anyone complain about their size in the past.


Yeah when i got the (huge in size) Toraiz in Hands and could only put the Toraiz and the RYTM in an Elektron EGB-1 i remember telling me, boy i guess you will have to make something with 2 gear only + my digital mixer.
In the case of AR mk2 + A4 mk2 i think it’s possible to make something right with a laptop (or OT)

I will choose when i will be able to test this mark II with Overbridge Premium, in Live training… and see how tight is the sync, how stable the ensemble is… and then i will decide.

But before to make a Live, Music need to be written so… these form factor is not a problem for me (for now) it’s more to me how each functionality will be fun, inspiring, stable and a rock solid sync… in every context and the global sound of course. (as at the moment i think studio first but keep Live in Mind and try to investing money accordingly)

I have the feeling they will make this mark 2 a real step higher ! And as it’s the only gear i like to use (essentially AR and A4) it’s to me the most logical path to upgrade for the next 3 years at least. After that i know i possibly want a performance sampler/mixer but i also know that i want something modern with Overbridge and the power of the OT. If it’s not coming at some point, the macbook pro/x18 is here to take this place…


If you turn on “Direct Change” (function plus bank select). It stays on and makes all pattern changes instant. Or are you talk about having to press the bank button as well as the pattern button? Did you know you can just hold bank?

Though I guess this is just academic if you’ve already sold it.


I am in two minds about these mk2 series.
They will drop mk1 series prices, low enough that some people that could never afford them before, will be able to afford them today, or even more so, in a couple of months…I might snatch a cheap OT mk1 as well, if its cheap enough, which I suspect it will be.
On the other hand, there is not nearly enough to make me think of upgrading.
Sampling through a cheap ADC is not something I look forward in doing, especially since I have some good AD in he studio already. I prefer to sample through that and transfer whatever it is to the Rytm via C6…I mean I do use the Rytm to play back samples but its not its primary use.

As for CV ins, very nice additions, but then again I find there is enough modulation in the machines as they are and besides I have 30U of eurorack to play with CV/Gate, so basically I turn to the Elektrons for the more “fixed” (for lack of a better word) to create the base for the modular to do its thing over the top.

The individual outs of the A4 is the biggest +, I don’t care about the extra bass, I got pre amps (including Heat) to put the A4 through and EQs and its not like there is no bass there to boost in the first place.

All in all I find the AR/A4mk2 (especially A4) to be a more “honest” bearer of the mk2, adjective, with regards to the OT mk2 of course. But I won’t upgrade either cause its not enough there to justify the insane amounts of money it will require…+ I have a thing for looks and mk1s look much better.

Also, what I have talked about wih friends that are also making tunes, is becoming true, Elektron is increasingly becoming like Apple…for better or for worse.