Analog Rytm mki and analog rytm mkii upgraders


I love that the MK2 Analogs are so different design wise.

It makes the MK1s stand by themselves as products, rather than feel slightly outdated.

They’re classics now. Just as the Dieter Rams industrial design products the Analog MK1s were inspired by.

Admiring the MK2s and loving my MK1s at the same time.


I agree, the MK1 models are now “classics”; not outdated. Better collect them now before they become rare :slight_smile:

Same exact sound and OS, but just a slightly different form factor. Reminds me of MPC 60 and MPC 60II, same machines on the inside, just different look.

Another question is, can the MKII models fit in a rack? I don’t see any holes in the sides like the MK1 models have. That might be one difference.


I am pretty sure I am going to upgrade. I’ll take a loss when I sell my mkl, but the sampler aspect is suuuper appealing to me. I have the Digi and OT already, but I am finding resampling has become a much bigger part of my workflow lately. The extra buttons and the q perf knob, along with the expression/cv inputs is going to be huge from a workflow and performance perspective.


It’s funny to call them classics after only a few years.
I think it was a bit irresponsible to make such a totally new design for a Mkii… It should be the same design with improvements on features.

These are going to be two completely different things now.


How is that irresponsible?


Im really happy to stick withe mk1’s though if they had taken the design the same way as the octatrack i would be seriously tempted :slight_smile: not to fussed with the electribe style case!


I believe the new design had to be made for overbridge to ever work 100%


I’m most intrigued by the new interface layout and potential UI development!!!

Sold my RYTM MK1 because the instant jump sequencer was not instant… mainly it required a button press before selecting the pattern to jump to.

I hope the MK2 has the ability to instantly jump between patterns without selecting a function button between each pattern press for beat juggling with tweaks like my Tempest!!!


I might downgrade. :wink:


It doesn’t even fit into the usual peripherals people own. It’s just an odd choice to make a Mkii so different in shape and design.
If someone has their fancy wooden sides for their Mki, they can’t put it onto the new one, for example.
Their carry cases might not hold it now, if it was a custom-shaped one.


Does anyone know if the A4 Mk2 will offer 8 x CV outputs via tip/ring, or is it just 4 CV outputs like the A4 Mk1 (dedicated outputs so that you don’t have to use a y adapter)?

The site says: 4 × ¼” CV/Gate output (so I’m really hoping that means a total of 8 :smiley: )



So can you sample from Audio in on this one?


nah pretty sure its the same 4 outputs, since it is marked D C and B A on the 2 trs inputs on the mk1




Jammed on the two MKi’s last night and have to say I won’t be selling. Keeping them and making music is a far better return on investment than simply selling them. I still have so much more room to grow and improve with them now too.


My CME XKey-37 would look awfully sharp beneath an A4 MK2 !

But I made up my mind,
I’m keeping my AK.
Hmm… I’m gonna keep my AK.


And after the announcement of the MKII series the market for secondhand Elektrons has risen in Holland.
Lots of ARs within one day on Marktplaats mostly one year or younger.


Same on france. Something likee 10 analog four today. Thèse mk2 make me happy to have bought a dt a week ago. Design is surprizing, but let face it it looks like thé more ergonomic they have done. I think ill grab a second hand a4, if i see one for 600, which is not impossible now


lots of 2ndhand mk I analogs in Finland too ATM. Now would be a good time to grab a rytm or an A4 indeed!