Analog Rytm Kit Pattern Save Project Memory Mega Tutorial

I made a new tutorial about the memory and system structure on the Analog Rytm. Chapters available in the descriptions of the actual YouTube file. Cheers


Not a very sexy subject, but very much needed around these parts. Thanks for tackling this, Cuckoo!

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Thanks, mate! Agreed… about the level of sexiness. But it had to be done… :sweat_smile:

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Nice! This is more or less the only thing I still need to learn about by Rytm. Very unsexy to read the manual in this case as it is definately less fun than jamming around.
I think I have to watch your tutorial this evening :slight_smile:

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This is way easier to follow than this section of the manual. Good work!


agreed. while it may be in the manual, it is not highlighted the way it should be (LARGE BOLD CAP FONT) heheh.

thanks for doing this Cuckoo. i will be looking into supporting you on Patreon very shortly. Keep up the Elektron videos!

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Supernice explained,
thanks a lot Cuckoo!
btw could you post your handmade overview as a pdf to print?
I like it a lot!

Thanks mate! I appreciate it!
More to come! :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve been thinking about creating sounds and a project full of Kits and groovy patterns, for the Rytm as well. Perhaps focusing on using it for melodic stuff in addition to rhythm. Is this something that you guys would be interested in?

He he, yeah I’ve posted it on my Patreon site as a download to my supporters… :grimacing: A bit $ minded perhaps to keep it to my supporters only? I’ll leave it a Patreon only feature for the time being :wink:

i personally would love to see this. especially on the melodic side of the rytm. gives me more ideas and stuff to try out! also gives me more time creating things and less creating my own kits. hehehee

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Love it

Thanks mate!

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thank you Cuckoo and fingers crossed for sample coping!
But I still have one remaining question. I create a sound and save it. I create a kit and use this saved sound in that kit. Now I tweak the sound. Is all I have to do saving the kit and the tweaked sound is also saved / overwritten? Or must I save the sound too? Still a bit confusing :aw:

The way I see things, you save Sounds in the Drive only to be able to reuse them in another Kit (in the current project or not).
You save Sounds in the Pool to be able to Sound-lock them or reuse in a Kit within the Project.

Once you loaded your Sound in a Kit, it’s not the Sound anymore : just a part of the Kit.
Thus if you tweak then save the Kit, reload the Kit will bring you back to the when you saved the Kit.
Other aspect is when you tweak this Sound in Kit A, it does not affect the same Sound loaded in Kit B.

The confusing thing is about Reloading the Sound.
Because it’s not reloading the Sound as “the Pool/Drive Sound” but the Sound as “I want to reload only the Sound of the current track for this Kit”
Plus if you haven’t saved your Kit after loading the Pool Sound, not sure this is still true. [EDIT : yes it is, you don’t reload the Pool Sound but last save Kit sound]

Anyway :

  • before you create a new Pattern : save your Kit for the current Pattern (Yes+Kit)
  • once you enter a new Pattern : save your Kit to a new slot
  • when you save a Sound to the Pool/Drive, you’re basically making a copy for further reuse. No need to save the Sound when you save a Kit.

What @LyingDalai said :slight_smile:
A Kit is self containing. Don’t have to save the sound (unless you want to). Samples in kits are referenced to the sample slot that it’s using. Samples in sounds are referenced to the actual sample file on the +Drive. Hence, if you load a sound into a kit, the sample will follow, regardless of what Project you’re in. If you copy a kit (like I did in the video) it will only copy the sample slot that it was using.

Two key differences in the shortcuts, to be noted. As they sort of break the UI conventions. But it’s handy.

  • Yes + Kit, saves and overwrites the current Kit. No questions asked. Boom, done.
  • Yes + Sound, saves a NEW sound into a sound slot that you select. (Not necessarily overwriting, unless you save it into the same slot again.
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@cuckoomusic your tutorial is very good.
What happens when you come back to the previous pattern is that Kit 1 modified is in the second temporary Kit slot. @Ess has made it clear in another thread.

Thus for me the best thing to do is

  • Save your Kit before you change Pattern
  • Save as new Kit once you’re on the new Pattern.
    It’s much safer.
    I think there is a functionality to automatically reload the Kit when you switch to another one, this using only one temporary Kit slot. This may be more natural…

Thanks. Yeah I kinda figured it might be some sort of temporary buffer/ kit feature, but didn’t fully understand why. I mean, this is desired if you’re working on a chain of patterns with the same kit, and you’re constantly changing that kit. Then you don’t want it to reload every time you’re changing patterns. But are you saying there’s room to do this with two kits? Two temporary kit buffers?

I think starting out with a freshly saved kit is clean. But sometimes that’s not the way things start out, and then this happens. And when it happens, people neet to not dispair… was my message :wink: kind of…

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Yep, two temporary buffers.
@Ess talks about this here but at that time he was still unsure.
I remember him checking and coming back to make it clear, but can’t find his message :frowning:
There’s another thread on the subject that bring interesting elements.

The “Kit Reload on change” parameter can be found in Fn+Global / Sequencer Config
Maybe this works better with your workflow…

Oh, you know you can instant Fn+Clear the name of your Kit right ? Works for any renaming btw.

Fn+Pattern to save your Pattern before tweaking the plocks or changing the trigs…

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Yeah, it’s just hat I’m very tense to use the fn+clear command. The fear of clearing a pattern instead of a track, or a sound etc. is making me rather not use that command in different situations, he he. I’m a Chicken, I know!!

Ahaha I feel you on this one.
Life is so ephemeral, but Rytm Patterns & Kits even more :smile:

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Excellent vid for new users like myself…thanks a bunch.

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