Analog heat as main soundcard/audio interface


Anyone else having luck using the AH as an audio interface?


Works flawlessly for me on a MacBook Pro with High Sierra, Overbridge as well. Logic sees it immediately, same with Ableton.


yea i use mine all the time as a sound card. works for me. certain settings have to be messed with if i’m running a heavy cpu load on my late 2013 macbook


I’d like to confirm OB works quite well for me with AH at the moment. I’m running an “ancient” Mac Pro tower (early ‘08) with OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan incase people have older machines.

If your running an aggregated setup, I think the key is also how you set up your clock source in Audio Midi Setup. Atm I’ve aggregated a Saffire Pro 40, iconnectAudio 4+, with Analog Heat, on Live 9.7. If my Live projects are cpu heavy, OB gets grumpy, but managble with proper settings adjustments.

Happy to help if anyone may need help with a similar setup.


Hi, and clock source is iconnectAudio4+ ?


Please make a photo window agregate setup…thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey, my clock is the Saffire Pro 40. It seems to have a better clock source in my experience . I’ll post a screenshot in a sec!


I usually have to make sure the Audio Midi Setup configurations are set properly with my system settings (circled on left) like, ‘device for Sound I/o, play alerts’ and also Drift correction circled on the right. The more you add the more my OS X trips out.

I’m wondering if I should get a world clock device. Anyone use one? Like the Black Lion micro clocks?


What about minum latency with AH as soundcard ?


Using my AH as a soundcard now and it’s running very good at 64 buffer size, have it set to rapid in the Overbridge control panel which results in a input latency of 7ms and output at 11ms.

It is performing better then my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 mk1 both latency and cpu wise, oh also to my ears it sounds a hell of a lot better as well.


Wow, wish I could get that low of a buff size. :tired_face:


Thanks. I think 18 ms is too much if you want to play a guitar with an amp simulator for exemple.

I think I can get 1.5 + 1.5 ms with my 15 years old RME…


It’s good to hear that it’s working for people. I’d only like to use this feature to record masters of my beats made with hardware so latency is not an issue for me, and I’m ok with setting the buffer as high as need be.


I thought the point of OB was you don’t have to use an aggregate device? Audio just streams through the OB plugin? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Your setup, w/out a word clock (and the heat or iConnect doesn’t have WC in so a BLA micro clcok wouldn’t matter) looks like a disaster waiting to happen from a clocking standpoint. Have you tested the amount of drift you get?


You can set it a little lower using the fastest setting for that buffer size but yes that’s why I have one on the way.


Yeah, but I don’t monitor out with AH so I still would need to aggregate them together. Right? Maybe it would help to get a monitor control with a switch device?

I think the Saffire can be clocked through SPIDIF. I wonder if I get use an adapter.


Forget the AH for a minute, even the Saffire and the iConnect, if you don’t have some word clock (either via SPDIF, ADAT or BNC) then your results will be unpredictable when aggregating them. You may not have any issues - but go ahead and try recording to the inputs on both the iConnect and Saffire at same time in your DAW. The drift will be unpredictable. Might not be a big deal. But if you want rock solid timing, using multiple interfaces in aggregate, they need to be physically connected to one another or to a master clock. Macs aren’t reliable master clock distributors. Audio Midi Setup offering “drift control” is more of a novelty than anything else it doesn’t really work…


That’s what I’ve read as well, I’m certainly open to getting a clock, but there’s rarely a time I’m recording through the iCA4+ analog inputs. Most of the time It’s used for an iPad using effects app/daws/etc. It can get dicey on occasions, but it’s not frequent.

I think i’m getting more drifts when AH is added to the mix. I hear the occasional crackle and pop and the timing is printed delayed - is that more latency than world clock issues? How would one get a more stable clock with AH, other than using it standalone?


If the pops and clicks don’t go away when you raise the buffer size in your DAW then they are caused by clocking issues. I can almost guarantee you that you will have clocking issues using two devices in aggregate, AH/Saffire whatever, w/out running into clock headaches. AH has no way of receiving clock either than via MacOS, and it’s just not a good way to do it.

If you want to use your AH as a main soundcard, it needs to be the only soundcard selected, at least in theory. Your mileage will vary. But it’s no surprise to me you are getting clicks and pops when trying to use multiple devices in aggregate w/out any clock sync.

Your best bet may just be to use the saffire as your main and only sound card, and just Overbridge to use the AH. Or as i mentioned, just use AH for everything.