Analog heat as main soundcard/audio interface


I think I cannot use my Rytm or Keys as my main soundcard in Ableton, because in Ableton they are used to send and receive sound for the OB connection. Now I use my Komplete Audio 6 (NI) as my main soundcard.

But with the HEAT, it is said many times that this is a soundcard… or something similar.

Can I use it as my mail soundcard? Or do I also need it for OB?

sorry for the question, I know it has been discussed before, I am just not sure and I want to sell as much of my equipment as possible…

Analog Heat as Main Audio Interface?

Why can’t you use the input of your keys as a soundcard? I thought the AK/A4 worked in the same way?


I think you can… i am looking for a main out


I also need to know this! Does the headphone out work for monitoring you master computer out like most interfaces?


no one?


bump!!! : )


Yeah, the question is can you send audio via Overbridge as an effect insert in Ableton, and at the same time send the main out through the AH to your monitors as a proper sound card?



I decided to collect money by selling stuff. If yes i will sell my Ni audio 6 soundcard…


Yep, that works!


but this requires an over bridge update . Right?


I have an old Mac Pro running OSX 10.6.8. I’m not interested in OB, but i’m wondering if there are legacy or generic drivers that will allow me to use the AH as my soundcard? Will it work straight out of the box or are we still waiting for drivers?


i too would like to know this. anyone?


I guess we have to wait and see…I’ll bump this next week.


I currently have no dac was wondering if the sound card converters in the analog heat are decent enough to record things(bass, moog synth, voice, etc.) into my computer? I’m not looking for RME quality but still decent enough. Can I record into daw through usb the distorted/affected sounds as well as undistorted sounds if I connect it to my octatrack? Anyone else thinking of using Analog Heat as a audio interface?


Does anybody have an answer for this yet?


i tried to use a4 ar and ah inside ableton… ah was soundcard…

many times too much noise
also big latency…

not really happy with OB Ableton combination

it works much better with other soundcard
and only a4 and ar


So it will only work with OB/ableton, right?


not an official answer, and I know there are different ideas about it…

but, as far as i know, first it was only for ableton… now also bitwig and even logic users like it
also…many people are not happy with it

i am very disappointed… although, sometimes i use it

inside ableton, I use A4 and AR… no audio inside ableton… just midi (so my vsts work, i can controll inside ableton and i can build tracks inside my session view. it is some kind of extended song-mode…

audio goes from hardware to hardware… nothing inside ableton.
ableton kills my sound. It’s flat and ugly

my problem with ableton… when I make music, i want to make music
with a computer, i usually have to solve 20 problems before i start to make music
also my computer (macbook pro quad core, so very good one), makes hoover-kind of sound. I hate it when I make music, I love it that when making music without a computer, it is all silent but the sound that comes from the synth.


yes it does. I can use it on my mac for both internal system sounds as well as a coreaudio output in live. It’s a bit touchy (sometimes stuff starts crackling, like when saving a vst preset) but works.


Thanks so much, would you be confident enough with it as your main audio interface?