Analog heat as main soundcard/audio interface


when the analog heat is going to work with OB AND MAC OS x 10.9.5 ??
at least one year i am waiting for that .
does elektron is kidding us ?


I think i read feb 2018


why is it so long ?


Because something went terribly wrong, I think


Because Apple sucks. :slight_smile:


off topic… but good to know…
today I return my MacBook Pro 2016 for the 2nd time
100% of all keyboards doesn’t work properly
they know this, but don;'t want to bring back my money
2700 euro laptop with a dysfunctional keyboard sucks so hard

and yes, something went wrong in their new OSX with their usb implementation
that might cause the problem elektron has


Better off having Windows for music production these days.


I am using OS Sierra and i have the same problem…

My configuration is:

Macbook pro 13 (2014)
ssd 256GB
i5, 2,6GHz CPU
8GB of RAM


Windows sucks too, but I’m used to it. :slight_smile:
I was kidding a french mate :wink:, I don’t use Mac so I can’t say it’s bad. Elektron seems to have a long list for updates…


Update after a few days: same macbook, same OS, but new box AH…after the update to 1.02 is all OK ! NO crashing AH ! Overbridge is all right too. :wink:


Hello, guys. I’m planning to buy a sound card and AH. If AH works good as sound card for my windows machine, then I won’t have to buy a sound card. After reading the whole discussion, now I’m confused. I need to plan well for my limited budget. So I need more precise information about the soundcard issue. Is it working good as a soundcard for windows 10 or mac?


And I thought that I won’t live long enough to witness this day


I have the same question. Is the Heat capable of acting as main studio sound card? I use an old TC Electronics FireWire device that I want to get rid of (I want to minimize the amount of devices on my desk). So ideally I’d like to replace it with the Heat. I do not need mic preamps. I do need the sound card to translate well, so it shouldn’t be the “weak link” in the chain to my Focal monitors. Spec-wise and performance-wise, is the Heat able to do that?


Actually, I’ve tested it and it seems that the Heat will start crackling and create digital noise after some time of leaving it on. The only solution was to switch it off/on. I’ve tested it on a MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014. I have a newer laptop from 2017 on which I can’t test it yet, but these results are quite worrisome.

This is using the Heat as a sound card and as an fx plugin at the same time. I’m going to try it without the plugin aspect next.

Reading the thread it seems my problems are the same as the ones reported before. Is Elektron working on fixing this?

I mean… this is promoted as follows:

Sound card operation
One of the most prominent Analog Heat features: it can function as a 2 in/2 out sound card, even while processing DAW audio. Perfect for the traveling musician. Create as you go and make stellar, high quality recordings wherever you may roam.

Update: I also tested it without OB plugin. Same result: audio start crackling horribly after some time.


I’ve decided to stick with my old but well-functioning firewire audio interface. I’ve accepted that Analog Heat is a great machine but that its sound card features are probably not mature, unfortunately.


given all the issues myself and others have had over the years with even dedicated audio interfaces I only trust 2 consumer-level companies with this aspect - RME if on PC and MOTU if on Mac. anything else is just a flippin’ crapshoot headache sooner or later and I want no part of it

doesn’t excuse the Heat’s issues in this regard, but personally I’ve never even plugged a USB cable into mine because of my past experiences, in my mind it’s not even worth trying. writing proper audio drivers is no joke


I’ve been eyeballing some RME interfaces. I have a MOTU 828 Mk3 but every now and then I have some issues that require a reboot (running windows 10). From what I’ve read on other forums people seem to agree that RME has the best Windows drivers around.

but yeah, I liked the heat a lot but I kind of felt like it was abandoned quickly by elektron :frowning:


everyone I know on PC that runs RME has zero issues. It just works! I have known many people over the years that swear by MOTU on Mac but I have less personal experience there as I do not like apple products


Ah has always worked as a soundcard for me on both win 7 and 10.


few friends said the same, don’t even plugg usb cable or try OB unless it’s stable…