Analog Four MKII out now!

Still no filter bypass but maybe they have been able to open the filter up more with mk2, colouring the sound less and letting the oscillator through less affected.
This was my main complaint with mk1. The filter when fully open still clearly coloured the sound

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Simon said filter 2 has been reworked too no? so filter 2 and the overdrive.
whatever it is it sounds really good.

If you rework the filter and the overdrive, it will influence everything. So even if it’s just the one or two features reduxed, it’s still a fundamental part of the entire sound. It would make sense that the entire color of the A4 sound would change, if this was the case.

No, the multi mode filter (2) has not been reworked. The ladder filter (1) has been revised which had a huge impact on the overall sound. (accurate/more bass and cleaner signal)

It is different than the previous change on Keys as well.

One thing to note; it’s not a bass boost as some might suggest/think. You won’t get the same result by just applying some EQ on the MKI for example.


I’m exactly the same. I’ve missed out on releasing Vinyl because of this. Labels wanted stems or the track adjusted & i couldn’t provide them.

I don’t really mind these days. I’ll just carry on doing my thing.

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I’m in the same boat for a few things, I had a mixer I was recording with that made everything out of phase before I knew what that was. Lots of older stuff that is totally screwed! I also had a Moog Slim Phatty that would go about -43c out of tune over time. Lots of rubbish takes from that too - I had to delete most everything I ever recorded from it once I sold it. :frowning:

Well, I’ve had a few hours more clocked with this one now. I’m cured. It’s a great piece of kit, but I don’t want it or need it. But it truly is a great instrument.

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I have this A4 mk2 since 3 days
it is really nice

it feels light to play on it, easy for my brain
everything is near, it is really fast

the sound adjustments are very nice

it is a wonderful machine, to use on its own, and take all sounds from this A4 only
voice 1: Kick & HH & fill-p-locked-perc
Voice 2: Snare-Rim-Perc & fill-locked-perc
Voice 3: Baseline/ synth 1
Voice 4: Lead/ synth 2

a lot of macro/perf knobs
a lot of patterns
and here we go…

since I used Digitakt, I like the ‘reload’ function a lot


I’d love to know the technical details on what you guys did, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to divulge this.

Seems like the resonant frequency was lowered in a very pleasing way. In fact, the bass response reminds me of a tb-303! Those transistor pairs are really getting a workout!

Whatever you guys did, it’s substantial and meaningful. I have so much love for my A4 MKI and this MKII sounds soo damn good, I might just ditch the last of my remaining non-Elektron gear!


Does it have “Hold” function as AK does?

Sounds more interesting. . Less polished

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any plans on updating ak to an mk2 version as well?

I’m assuming yes, but it would be nice to have confirmation sooner than later.

Digging these new trax man!

How’s about some A4 mk II voices ran thru the MPC live’s frequency shifter? Personally I love that fx on the MPC live, glorious tonal/atonal murkiness for days…

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I’m considering the MKII as a companion to my Digitakt. Loving the demos I’ve heard so far. One question, can this do the warbly, detuned stuff like you hear on Boards of Canada tracks?

yes, it can for sure

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Excellent! I’ve heard some lovely Vangelis sounds in some of the YouTube demos, so if it can do BoC type stuff I’m pretty much sold!

A slow Lfo on the oscillator’s pitch (A4 has it’s own vibrato section for that) and everybody will say it sounds like boards of canada. The great delay and reverb will do the rest.
This was posted by an elektronauts fella, who was using the Analog keys


I was going to recommend the same exact thing. Easy on the LFO pitch/tune…long on the release and drown it in reverb and delay