Analog Four mk 1 (Just bought) my questions

OK, I have a Digitakt, bought about a month ago, just barely started learning it, but got distracted by wanting to find out about Analog 4; so long story short… I just bought Analog 4 Mk1, I am very impressed with sounds and quality, cant believe I never got one before, this looks like the machine I have been looking for for a long time… I have only casually looked at the manual and a few videos. I performed the Factory reset. To be honest I am sort of lost, but open to suggestions on where to start, short cuts etc, just to get the basics.


I personally learned most by watching the Maestro jam


A quick tip from my experience:
It’s got all the traditional parameters you’d expect in a standard subtractive synth but it has a whole bunch of extra stuff found in the 1st and 2nd pages of the Oscillator sections. I find tweaking these parameters (especially with modulation) to be were the fun really happens.


There’s a lot to be said for just diving in and tweaking away with the Analog 4. That can’t be said for some other machines from elektron.

If course, when you want spefics then there’s a wealth of information out there, including the manual itself.

My analog 4 was my first elektron machine and I found that watching a video about how to create drones on it, really helped me learn a lot of the other stuff that I needed to know about.
I ended up taking it away with me for a week, when we went out to the Norfolk Broads and just having it and some headphones was a very pleasant way to get to grips with it.

It’s might be worth looking at it as four mono synths in one box as well.

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the pattern from scratch video is so so sick. cenk is a legend.


i recently made this thread: Analog four secrets which probably has some interesting stuff for you too, OP

fwiw of the many, many synths ive owned the A4 is in some ways the biggest headscratcher. ive thoguht about getting rid of it but always second guess that and discover something new. i perpetually feel like i’m underusing it. its extremely powerful, very deep, and also quite underrated imo.


Thanks a ton. I’ve seen most of these vids already. Thanks for putting them in one place to access.
After just one day, and since I have Digitakt, a lot of the learning on A4 is going smoothly.

After one day just scratching the surface, I can already see the A4 is deep and really power packed even with just 4 tracks The basic analog sounds fantastic, plus with the FX filters mods etc. it comes alive. I own a Buchla clone system, with 258r and (2x)259r so I know what great analog sounds like. I dont see how A4 would become obsolete or boring, theres so much meat on it. The Mk-1 selling for under $700 is a steal IMO. I hope to get a Mk2 and still keep Mk1.

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Yeah, Cenk is the Keith Emerson of Elektron. Knows those boxes inside out. The stuff he gets out of the Elektrons is really musical, melodic and tasteful. He has a great understanding of the boxes and now can sit down and concentrate on making art.

indeed. This video alone convinced me to get one


i sort of feel like the A4 is the underappreciated one of the trinity - and maybe actually the deepest…


It’s the first time I’ve seen that video. I really enjoyed what sounds he was able to get out of it.

Just off the bat, one complaint (being an old dude), the ‘red’ functions label/print under the buttons are very hard to read, I realize they did it to look hi-tech at the time, but yellow would have been a better color choice for ‘at-a-glance’ views, or even blue. This may cause me to order a Mk2 sooner than I thought.

What is latest Firmware/OS on Analog four mk-1?
where do I go to get it and instructs how to do it? Thanks.

The latest supported firmware is always available on the Support page of Elektron’s website:

The instructions for installation are given in the download files.

If you want to use the existing version 1.15.0 of Overbridge with your AF Mk I you need v1.24C of the firmware.

However, if you want to use the public beta testing version 2.0 of Overbridge with your AF Mk I you need to look here instead:
and download a special beta testing version of the AF firmware.

Make sure that you also download the latest version of the manual from the Support page.

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thank you.

I’m in my mid 40’s mate, so define ‘old’ :rofl:

I’ve not had any issues with that particular concern, but I can imagine in dark lights it would probably be better to have a gooseneck lamp nearby.

If you can get the mk2 though, then definitely do that.

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got you beat… 65. yes, old. But feel 30.
I think the improvements on the MK2 will make it worth the jump.
Might hang onto the Mk1 , then sell after I get MK 2.


65? Sell your buss pass and buy two!!

Another question:
If I want to go DAW-less, using only hardware synths and Eurorack:
I would buy an Analog Four-Mk2, keep my Analog Four-Mk1(at least for now), and my Digitakt… How do I connect and use all 3 Elektrons and Eurorack ?
I may need to get a Midi to CV converter module or box for my Eurorack, but not sure.
I am using the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as my main interface for my Mac/Logic Pro X.
Any advice on setting this up?