Analog Four mk 1 (Just bought) my questions

It depends on what you want to do, and what role you intend for each device.

You might not need a MIDI-CV interface given that two AFs would provide 8 channels of CV/Gate control over your modular.

Not exactly sure, or what is possible, but would probably want the A4 mk2 to be the Master controller and clock, using the 4 tracks, and use Digitakt as a slave somehow for sampled sounds and drums, and 4 more tracks with the A4 mk1 and eurorack to have same clock to run my other eurorack sequencers etc etc.

Does anyone know if there has been any discussion of an Analog Eight being developed? I dont mean an Octatrack, but a Analog Four clone version with 8 tracks? That would be awesome. I would hate to buy an A4 mk2 prematurely, and have it become obsolete, since its been out a few years already. Since most of the architecture on the A4 is already there, Elektron could do it reasonably, maybe $1600 list total…I would buy it on day 1… Now that I think of it, isn’t that kind of a Digitakt? which I already own…hmm.

Several forum members have wished for this, but Elektron does not pre-announce products so anything you read about such a product is pure speculation.

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Well, that is certainly possible.

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so, how do I configure the Digitakt to work with the Analog Four? Thru midi or is there a better way? I want to be able to hear all 12 sounds at once. 4+8. I haven’t used midi in about 15 years. Quickest way possible, please.

on Analog Four, if I change a track or Pattern and want to go back to the original, how do I do it?