Analog four secrets

tried searching for a similar thread - closest i found was the thread about using filter feedback for osc1.

basically wondering- what are your favorite tips or hacks or discoveries in the a4 for interesting sound design?

i have gone back and forth about selling the a4 more times than any other synth. i find it very unlike any other synth i’ve used in that i almost exclusively end up in the most interesting places via routes i would never expect, and normal programming techniques result in sterile and uninteresting sound half the time.

would love to hear a4 fans favorite discoveries that have become preferred methods for designing interesting patches :slight_smile:

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I’ve learned quite a bit on the A4 and OT from the pdf here:

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Some of my favorite threads


thanks! excellent threads there. this video is pretty great:

wondering though, and this seems pretty basic, but does anyone know how he gets it to where his placed trig on track one doesnt have a click or gap when it refires after 16 steps?

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don‘t know if he used that, but you can place a trig condition (1st) where it is only triggered in the first play through of the pattern and the put the note length to infinite