Analog Four/Keys OS 1.40A: bug reports

Firmware 1.40A is now released

Discuss here

Remember to back up before upgrading and even load a new empty project to avoid any damage to your current project.
And avoid upgrading before a gig. :tongue:

You encountered something wrong in the newest OS, reproduced it in a project created since the upgrade and want to check if others can replicate it ?
Here is the place.

Doesn’t replace a support ticket, of course, but you might want to check if it’s not a feature before declaring a bug :wink:

Please report all bugs via the Support Tickets section on if they have not already been confirmed below.

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Humm , i dont want to be ungrateful but this make the sequencer implementation half backed and pretty much useless for me anyway. Hope they change it because to me it doesnt make sens.


I share the sentiment but it isn’t evidently considered to be a bug. I see it as a significant shortcoming in the consistency of the Auto Channel functionality, but the path to resolution may be a feature request. Analog Four/Keys OS 1.40: bug reports

My view is that live recording is an advertised feature of the sequencer, so midi implementation should support it. Otherwise it’s half-baked as sovietpop says. This is clearly not expected behavior.

I would consider it a bad oversight on Rytm side (since any modern midi sequencer behaves with ability to audition external voices in live recording mode), and a major defect on the A4 side, for following reason.

Many people purchased the A4 as a module to use with external keyboard. Much like any desktop module you expect feature parity other than controller portion, which previously did exist. This problem introduces a new lack of parity because one has to use mini keyboard for live recording through midi out on A4 even though it’s a module purchased by many to go along with an 88 keyboard for example. People often do not want 37 keys to do real writing across octaves. Until now, the features between desktop module and keyboard version had parity. Now they do not.

Seems like the midi part of update was an internal alpha someone developed for fun, and was tacked on without any regard to expected behavior from user point of view.

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I’m trying to understand the issue here with the auto-channel, so is this the problem?

When using an external keyboard into the A4 using the auto-channel and wanting to sequence devices connected to the midi out, the external device can’t be auditioned, but only heard once notes have been recorded into the sequence? Is that right?

If so does the problem still occur when setting the controller keyboard to the track channel?

Yes exactly. I only have Rytm in front of me at moment, but yes it doesn’t matter. I assume same for A4.

Ok, so the midi input isn’t being echoed out at all, presumably the issue does not occur if using the A4 mini keypad?

I should add that I have not tried the midi sequencer functionality yet, hence my questions to try to understand what the problem is.

At least on Rytm, the internal pads work, and same is true of mini keypad on A4 as per reports from users above.

On Rytm, the problem is even worse, because pads are really no substitute to keyboard for inputting note information. So one is restricted to internal voices only, even though one must mute an internal voice upon sequencing external voice- kind of contradictory aims!

I believe past parity between module and Keys version of A4 suggests that this is a problem that should in fact be fixed. Because any given synth module when paired with keyboard will function as one expects, analogous to keyboard version of that synth.

Of course expected behavior is that live record is sent to midi out to audition the external voice being played, as is case with every midi or cv sequencer with live recording these days. Because a part written for an internal voice won’t necessarily work for external voice, or call for the same expression.

One person has proposed using a midi merger. But that’s really not a good solution, to complicate one’s set up with another device to make up for unintuitive functionality.

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I see, thanks for clarification.

I think the reason behind it is possibly to do with routing considerations rather than a bug, per se, I can definitely see why people would want it to work though.

I guess the solution would be for Elektron to allow midi out to be configured as out+soft thru, then if a user did not want it to occur set midi out to out only.


The desire is for Auto Channel to work like the device input does. So they can look at it as a conceptual rather than a MIDI one. What needs to happen when driven by auto channel to ensure the functionality is the same (but better) . Having Midi workarounds is coming at this from the wrong direction, although the same solution may be required in practice. Auto Channel functionality should be like a breakout box of existing possibilities imho.

However it is expressed, there is an issue that feels like an oversight for normal use cases. It is not classed as a bug just because it is ommited. But it feels missing. It would be odd to have to channel hop to do what you can on device


Just a working solution. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha. Not a substitute for a software solution, I should say.

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Right, it does seem a bit of an omission, which is what made me think it might be an internal routing consideration, perhaps.

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I don’t know if it has already been reported but in advanced mode, in scale setup, changing master scale has no effect, seems broken.
Anyone confirm?

A4mkI 1.40A - Seems poly mode is broken, on the AK it works as expected, on the A4mkI getting screen turning off anomaly.

As shown in the video when pressing the arrow the screen goes blank, pressing any arrow again resores screen, next press goes off, etc.

I have not sent a ticket yet, can any mkI users test theirs to see if it is indeed a bug?
@sezare56 did you notice this on your mkI?

Edit: Corrected and clarified comments about this issue.

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I didn’t update to 1.40A yet.

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Hmm, also getting some other weirdness, try to send sysex and screen flashes:

Edit: This one only seems to happen when ALL is active in right hand menu, the others do not cause the flashing.

What’s above? I see an audio player…
Concerning Poly, can you change it with the 4 poly trigs?
If it is that buggy, I’m not sure to upgrade before a next update correcting this.

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I’m not certain it is bugs yet, hopefully some other mkI owners on 1.40A can test.

BTW I tried reverting to 1.40 same issues, then back to 1.40A again, still persists, strange one!

Edit: Above is Toraiz SP-16 under decksaver, that what you meant?