Analog Four/Keys Midi Loopback

With the great October 2019 update we gained sequencer midi notes out for the 6 tracks.
With midi loopback (a cable between midi in and out) FX and CV track can be used as additional tracks, and the most important for me : MULTI MAP control!

FX Track playing Multi Map with midi loopback.
Its midi channel is set on Perf midi channel.
Questions welcome.
Other experiments to come I hope…

Possible to connect other gear with midi thru, which is sending back midi in, hence midi out with the loopback.


That beat sounds good.

Honest questions:

What is this buying you though?

Are you doing some control all with velocity performance macros and loop back?

Honest answer, what do you mean by that? (I’m French :content:)

Yes, that’s it. With the new update and midi loopback, theoretically 2 more tracks, controlling sounds or Multi Map. I couldn’t use CV track, don’t know why.
I set the FX track on Perf Channel 8, letting control of Multi Map. Track 1 is aldo set to 8.
With macros, you can modulate Multi Map sounds, as you’d do with Soundlocks.
Next I’ll try realtime transpose.


what do you mean by that?

“Honest question” is an expression we (I?) use sometimes in the US to say that our question is meant with good intentions, honestly. Sometimes we ask questions in a belligerent way or to make a point, and here, I was trying to say that I was asking the question with good intentions. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s it. With the new update and midi loopback, theoretically 2 more tracks, controlling sounds or Multi Map.

I see how having the two extra tracks for sequencing multimaps could be helpful; although, obviously the four voice limit must be respected.

With macros, you can modulate Multi Map sounds, as you’d do with Soundlocks.

But, you do not need loopback for this, no? You can use performance macros on multimaps without loopback?

I am just trying to understand the main benefits of this and to make sure I am not missing something.


I noticed that the default parameters for the CV track don’t have any midi channel assigned. Not sure if that’s your issue with the CV track, but it might be worth a look.

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No. Don’t need midi loopback for macros.

I understood that!
In French : “Questions honnêtes” :smile:

Means What are the advantages?

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Yes, what are the advantages?

Advantages :

  • You can layer 2 more tracks (FX and CV) to other tracks. Different from FILL, it can add notes, up to 4. Trig conditions being usable, you can make chords variations.

  • You don’t have to go to MULTI MAP page to play / record sounds. Just set a track on Perf midi channel. Similarly, you can add 2 more tracks. Trig Conditions, including NEI to reduce voices.

  • With regular TRANSPOSE, you can’t transpose soundlocks, MULTI MAP. You can transpose midi tracks, hence transpose MULTI MAP notes plays by a midi track. Possible to disable transpose from certain tracks.

  • You can use MULTI MAP to transpose. A track can be use for that purpose. Trig Conditions can add variations. Use scale to stay in the scale.

  • @Ryan quote : You can have a variety of up to three different different musical patterns for a single track without sacrificing voices. Or! If you’re using all four voices at once- you have have 5/6 different chord sequences FOR A SINGLE PATTERN!

  • With a midi processor : automate Perf Macros


This is fun stuff.

I experimented with using the fx track as an alternate note source for track 4, but i’ll likely turn this off in the future as i’ve already got an OT midi track dedicated as an alternative sequencer for each of my four A4 tracks (Two sequences per voice is plenty :laughing:).

Also set up the CV track as a “transposition” track using multimap. In the end i think i’ll leave transposition to manual control. Also i’m not exactly sure how the transposition function works with scale on.

The manual says you can use multimap to trigger sound pool sounds AND +drive sounds, but unfortunately i think that was a mistake.

The most fun A4 loopback technique, which i was doing prior to this update and will keep in my system is a control-all ”global”, very useful for all the drum stuff i do as well as laying a ton of plocks in just a few seconds with live record.


Thanks. I think default is 6 on my MKI but anyway I changed it to 8. Now it is working, I don’t why it wasn’t before.


Nice drum synthesis ?! <3

Yea that’s very significant. There have been times I’ve wanted a fill of just a single note’s tuning changed. Awesome. Thanks!

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Thanks for the tips!

I am confused by the above. If you care to elaborate, that would be swell.

I tried the other tips, and they work.

In Multi Map you can assign Patterns to notes, with transpose possibilities. If you set the same pattern (Patt Inc =0) with Transpose (+1), you get chromatic transposition from midi notes.

A4 FM Drum Patch Pack
A4 MOD Drum Patch Pack


Possible to send sequenced CCs with A4/AR/AR! :loopy:
With midi loopback : Automation of Perf Macros! Should work with AR Scenes / Perf.

Midi processor required, hoping Elektron improves their new very limited midi sequencers! :smile:

With a midi processor, possible to map any note to a corresponding Control Change, velocity being mapped to the CC value.
So it is possible to send any CC with plocked value. Live recording, plocks, or free (you can erase velocity plocks).


Curious, does this mean that the Digitone OS 1.21 has Sequencer MIDI Out too? Or would it suggest that it may be a possibility in a future OS update?

Thank you for nice tips !!

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:sketchy: Wrong topic? :smile:
Of course Digitone has a midi sequencer with midi out! I don’t see the relation.

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Oops, helps to be fully awake and aware of what one is asking - yes, of course. Thanks.

Here is a pack I made of analog drums as well. (Shameless plug!)