Analog Four 1.50A & Analog Rytm 1.60A

We have updated the OS for the Analog Four/Keys and the Analog Rytm. These updates offer a handful of performance improvements and bug fixes following the release of 1.50/1.60.

Please read the release notes for a full list of fixes.

Download the latest OS for Analog Four/Keys here.

Download the latest OS for Analog Rytm here.

Check out the Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII.

Visit our YouTube channel to see some of the recently added features.


Nice thing to wake up to! Thanks for the speedy fixes and keep up the great work!


Lots addressed in both updates.

Thanks, Elektron, for listening and making a swift effort to get these issues sorted out.

Thanks, also, to my fellow Elektronauts for taking the time to report the bugs. We’ve all benefited as a result.


Nice! Hadn’t updated on the last one.

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Stupid question I know, the warning pop up states that Overbridge up to 1.15 will not work after installing this OS. Later versions will?

Yes. 1.15 was the old one. The latest one 2.XX will work fine with all OB machines.


Thanks, I was pretty sure this was the case, however, previously working in the requirements gathering world, I wanted to make very sure before making any changes.

Fantastic upgrade, finally :grinning:

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hmm I got my mk2 like 2 days ago and it was fine, I just updated and already seeing some odd behaviours. the BD (pad 1) was triggering in an odd way, delayed and velocity was really off.
Turned off and on and it was showing just a letter D on the left corner.
Now none of the audio transfers with transfer app will work.
Am I doing something wrong? All this stuff was working prior to upgrade and the machine arrived Monday.

@texbrown Please contact support, they will help you sort it out.


hm. I upgraded my Analog Rythm MK2 with the OS1.60A and also uploaded the latest Overbridge version ( 2.0.41) but it’s not working.
In the discription it’s mentioned that “Analog Rytm mkI/mkII running OS 1.50” is the supported firmware.
Is it working for you?

Yes, works fine for me. I installed the firmware last night and have the latest OB. Worked perfectly. You could raise a support ticket to see if they can advise a solution.

ah good to know. Thank you!

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I’m having a strange issue with the buttons (all) being intermittently unresponsive after the 1.50 &1.50A updates. For example, 1 in every 10 presses is not registered by the device. I have an open support ticket with Elektron, but seeing if anyone else has had any similar issues. It’s quite frustrating as the synth has kind of lost its immediacy.

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you could compare notes with @glitched - iirc they have had a similar issue - support will presumably advise you on the next steps


Anyone knows the application we see used with the Analog Key?

Yes, that’s right. The bug came in with 1.50. The issue is that button-presses are not registered if pressed too quickly. It persists even in startup/test mode. There are a few of us that have this issue and I’ll be working with support to ameliorate it. They should contact you soon.


I don’t understand what you are asking?

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i’d guess that should’ve been the analog four

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Ah, I see. I had that triqtraq app some years back, IIRC @Dataline was quite into it, it is a pretty cool little app.