Analog Four 1.35A & Analog Rytm 1.45A


I will!


Me too


Definitely not going near any of the updates until tested for at least a few weeks by those who are kind enough to be experimented on! :see_no_evil:


Has anyone had the experience ( after updating to 1.45A ) of all of their samples not sounding out both in auditioning, assigning and playing from a pad and pre-existing kits that had samples in them? All of my samples both in RAM and Drive are dead. I see the sample is there and assigned to the pad, but no sample sound…

silent samples…

Thanks. J



It’s crashdown friday! Send the updates my body is ready!



It’s so quiet this week, looks like Elektron HQ is on vacation :slight_smile:



theres a discount code for some elektron gear. $100 / £90 …
maybe those machines have the firmware on them , its like being paid to QA them … (joke …)

even if it came out today, i’m not touching it. i suspect Cenk would be as upset as we are with the last firmware , I’m not sure he’s part of the code / QA team… though he looks like he’s having a great holiday (i’m sure photoshop was not used in that photo , its an actual thing!! )


If so Cenk is getting big-headed. :smile:


and his head has become strangely angular around the edges.
i dont think the fashion magazines will be calling for your photoshop skills, they prefer making people unhealthily thin , unrealistically perfect and sometimes with too many arm/legs.


Like this ? Would they hire me ?

I continue off-topic, sorry.
Anyway, it’s friday. :content:




Updated B release of the withdrawn A release here folks