Analog Four 1.35B & Analog Rytm 1.45B


RYTM MK1 Upgrade Stall - 1.45
Analog Four 1.35A & Analog Rytm 1.45A

The operating systems for Analog Four, Analog Keys, and Analog Rytm have been updated with bug fixes.

Analog Four MKII OS 1.35B
Analog Rytm MKII OS 1.45B

Analog Four MKI & Analog Keys OS 1.35B
Analog Rytm MKI OS 1.45B

For a full list of changes, see the respective release notes.


Thanks Elektron! :heart_eyes:

Smart move to publish that on a wednesday instead of a friday… :thinking:


Good luck.




To you too , hopefully you kicked a few people , banged heads , and got them to do their jobs properly. … internal bug regression is better than getting the public to do it




I really hope so


Did not do the last pulled update…still gonna wait a few days!


Is it safe…? :grimacing:


eehhm, no…it`s there, in the discription over at Elektron.




So who’s the brave :slight_smile:




I just updated both the Analog Keys and Analog Rytm MkII with today’s releases. They’re both working fine from what i can see.

One thing - I used C6 for both. I tried to use Transfer for the ARMkII, but the update would ‘hang’ on receiving, with the status bar showing about 25% done. I was able to manually reboot, and the screen showed ‘OS 1.45’. Maybe I did something wrong this time (and two more times before switching to C6). Using C6, however, it worked just as I expected it to. I had a ‘samples-only’ kit loaded before the upgrade, and it’s still there, all playing back as expected.


Thanks Elektron! :heart_eyes: will update and report back



I finished a project and now use the opportunity to update the computer, DAW, plugins, etc. My Rytm MK1 is on 1.30D.
I guess because of all the good luck and images of John James Rambo there are issues in the new versions? I am not interested in Overbridge if that is the problem …
Should I upgrade or not?

Edit: O.k. I have read the other threads. So what is considered the most stable OS for Rytm MK1?


I’ve done the update 1.35B on an Analog Four MKII. So far so good. :grinning:

Projects are loading ok and making the sounds they’re supposed to… Everything seems in place.


Just watch out people:
Analog Four MKI / Keys OS 1.35 -> is not compatible with Overbridge 1.15 (or older)
Analog Rytm MKI OS 1.45B -> Note: Any connection to Overbridge 1.15 (or older) will stop working if you install this firmware update.

Current public version of OB: 1.15

Hoping to see the new version of OB released very soon, or at least a public (not private) beta. kinda sad to see an OS upgrade hit public and limit its current overall functionality.


@elektronguys >

The screensaver on the A4 MKII is on the A4 itself ? How does it work ? It’s look really interesting !