Analog Drive Price Drop


Not sure that the DFAM needs extra distortion… unless you really, really like distortion of course. :slight_smile:

I would have been interested in one at this price for the TB-03. The 303 really benefits from some good drive/distortion, the built in one in the TB-03 is ok but nothing like the AD. That Octatrack tutorial vid that Cenk did proves how well it works.


Ah fuck me, I saw this Thomann deal to late… 91 euro for all this distortion goodness would be nice but it’s sold out now.


Arrived today. Looks a lot bigger than I thought it would be.


It is almost the same size as AH, which is a bit wider.


Dfam is wicked with distortion but if dropped into triangle wave , pure magic!


I just got shipping confirmation too.


I just got a reply that they didn’t have any in stock, and that they weren’t receiving any more! It did say “in stock” when I ordered. Bummer!!


When did you order?


I ordered mine on 29/3 at around 6pm, I think. I’ve only today had a response with shipping confirmation.


Wednesday evening.


should arrive today! that Price has been insane.
thx to the big T


I was in late wave this week, and they cancelled the order. They were clearly closing out this as a product. I am not upset as I have plenty of dirt pedals, but heads up to others.


it fits perfectly and gives a lot of that Elektron Driven Character to all digital Synth like Op-1 and OP-Z.
it replaces my damage control liquid blues and I can‘t believe how cheap it was. I mean the psu alone is around 40€.

the Analog Drive has this Cold Swedish warmth. really great shot


Mines landed today, a low level miracle because if you’re not in when UPS come in my county it’s a mega hassle

Sad for those that just missed it, if I don’t like mine I’ll pass it on .


Little disappointed as a friend of mine who ordered after me got a shipping confirmation. Hopefully someone will regret and sell one at a decent price. He he.


this + OP-Z. for me it’s a modern classic. because of presets and midi control.
scroll through the settings and automate the whole pedal. GReAT

plus CV Control


I ordered and got shipping confirmation 5/29 12pm pacific time. I also got a Pladask Elektrisk romferd from his site yesterday. I’m doing well!



Mine is on the way - to the UK


I’d say any midi sequencer, cv sequencer eventually (limited to Gain and Mid Frequency parameters). OT and A4 in my case, I don’t think I’d use expression pedals with AD.


of course. Digitakt for Instance.