Analog Drive Price Drop


You want a multi-distortion with eq and presets for under €100? You buy.

You don t want the above? You don t buy.


I have a guitar rig and a circuit mono station that will be happy to try this thing out.


Answer me this: can i use it as an insert on a mixer channel? id a love a sweepable eq


I dont see why not, as long as you use the proper cable. (I m assuming the input sensitivity can be set to line level, havent checked that)


Im rtfming over here and i dont see it :frowning:
Still gonna skip it. A lot of hassle to justify it.

Yall still have fun though.


Aaah, impossible to resist this 2nd time around - don’t really see this becoming the standard price.

Ordered - will be welcomed by the AH in a brotherly way, I hope :wink:


the input sensitivity can not be set to line level. You just have to send it softer levels.
If you hit hit the input with full line level, it will distort. So just turn down whatever you are sending to the Analog Drive.


Ordered one.
I knew I should’ve muted this thread.


Same here!

@OP - shame on you [I love you]




Sold out again. :dismayed:


Already sold out in a night?? aaaAAARRDFfGHHH!!! COME ON!! NOBODY SLEEPS?¿¿??! :triumph:




Just to play the devil’s advocate (and maybe it’s just the bruised ego talking after having hestitated on the occaison and thus missed it twice :)), but isn’t 89€ - despite being a great deal - still too much if I don’t really dig the sound or functionality of the thing?

I read almost exclusively mediocre reviews about the drive pedal and I’ve seen it on Ebay linger around for 100€ - 120€ occasionally … which means people aren’t really buying it on the used market, at least here in Berlin.

Asking about it more than telling about it, i guess I’m trying to rationalise why I didn’t go for it lol


Yes. I wanted to jump on a great deal but could not justify it. Thats 90eur less towards something i really want.


Anyone using it with a DFAM? Should be a great combo


that is my intention when it arrives!


If you don’t like the sound of the thing or have any use for it then that’s €89 saved.

For me personally a simple drive with EQ and presets is going to be super useful for live use, even if half of the modes sound bad.


Looking forward to trying it on my Tb-03. Always felt bad when using my Heat on just the Tb. Just love to use the heat on the master bus.


I found AD definitely better than AH for that purpose.