Analog Drive Price Drop


they often buy the last batch of something and sell it as a total bargain!

I‘ve seen it on gearnews and immediately ordered! hopefully gives some Elektron character to the digital synth btw. it’s a total no brainer to not buy it at this low value.
still goes strong for 200€ elsewhere. you‘ll get earned with 100 bucks if you don‘t like it.



Big up’s and respect to the elektronauts thoman price drop analog drive massive!

Just had a note to say it’s back in stock 29th May for the preorder crew ! Booyaka!


Shipping today message! :slight_smile:




Man yall lucky. I shoulda jumped.


Just need a similar offer on a RT please Thomann


I’ve had shipping notification


Yep, shipped!


Agree to shipping :smile:


:ship: :slight_smile:


Ship shipping?




My Stratocaster is eagerly waiting for some beefy distortion…


Back in stock and I just ordered!!! Whoa what a deal.



yup, had to pull trigger myself


Lol i still dont know what to do :slight_smile:


Must be some kind of clear out


Oh yeah! Ordered.

In the Dutch Thomann store they’re actually €88.


Ha me either! I keep adding to cart and then saying naaah.


Omg what do i do. I was confident in my position when it wasnt an option. :crazy_face: