Analog Drive Price Drop


Yep, I’m not sure if everybody will have it…including me…
Anyway second hand prices will be around that price I guess…
I paid mine 150€…:thinking:
399€ at release !


Just tried CV control with A4, works like a charm. :slight_smile:
(GAIN and MID frequency).


got my order in last week too…here’s hoping it goes through! Really want to try it in my Bass setup


Some people say it was a price mistake…
Went back to 289€ (from 89€) in several shops…


Called Thomann yesterday, they are currently waiting for delivery of Analog Drives. Those that were lucky enough to order for the no brainer price, should get their ADs as soon, as they are back in stock, the employee said, by the end of May. Hope so.


Good news! :slight_smile:


Damn. I’ve been thinking about one of those for a while. Definitely interested if it reappears for cheap.


If somebody regrets buying it at that low price, let me know. I will happily take it of your hands! :slight_smile: At a reasonable price of course. :slight_smile:


I did the same yesterday at Thomann Germany and they said my order will arrive next week.
Meanwhile they don´t have it for sale at all anymore here at Thomann.
Happy I made the purchase, I wanted to buy a DI box anyway, but for that price I could not regret. :wink:


I noticed that myself – it’s gonzo! Wonder what that means exactly?

To me it doesn’t read as a mistake in price as suggested – you fix that the day it happens. Looks more like clearing stock – either by Thomann (but then they wouldn’t have to backorder) or by agreement with Elektron to clear a moderate number of units exclusively through Thomann – and in a hurry!

You can attach all sorts of speculation beyond that.


maybe it was part of the promo deal for the leak of the digiton keys. Who knows :hear_no_evil:


Thomann employee said, they had so many orders that they had to do something, because they feared that they couldn’t deliver everyone who ordered.

So it kinda looks like they are not sure if they will get more Analog Drives in the future, whatever that means… :roll_eyes:

Edit: The employee also mentioned that some noob at Thomann made a big mistake, strange, maybe they did something wrong…, good for me :wink:


Obvious no? Typed in the wrong price to appear on the site.


Well, I have been a regular customer at Thomann over the last 10 years, mainly because from my personal experience, reliability and their customer service always has been proved to be one of the best.

If this price drop is due to a employee mistake, I am sure that they will still ship (most?) of he units, even if they have to pay for their mistake. They won´t risk to loose (long time?) customers with this by canceling taken orders. But if true, the loss of money for Thomann should not be that little, (employee talked about several 100 orders). Even though…, Thomann should be big enough to handle this…, i f t r u e… :confused:

Was it just Thomann that had such a price drop? Curios to find out now. :thinking:


In France other shops had the same price, maybe following Thomann…


asked today, they told it will arrived may 29th at their facilities.


I saw last year the offer in Ebay to buy a Digitakt for crazy cheap 314 € at Musicstore Koeln.

Ordered it immidiately…but few hours later they canceled it. I guess it was really a mistake or they got hacked :smile:


Not any more :frowning:


C’est la vie.


Bah oui.