Analog Drive Price Drop


Thomann USA is selling them for $83 + $30 shipping. I really don’t need one of these, but that price might justify wanting one.


I love mine. It’s used on drums from RYTM and Tanzmaus and also MB33 - sounds filthy!


Yes :slight_smile: , i know about AH but the price… :crazy_face:

Was thinking about buying the EHX pedal or even the RAT, the stereo version, now im not sure any more.
But this price drop is ridiculous! Something’s up!


Im waiting to find a sweet deal on an mk1 when i have the funds. Theyve dropped quite a bit already but still a stretch for me


Yes, for me too atm

P.s. im wondering how will this price drop affect the used market :slight_smile:


Once again, much less gain with AH. Different results.


So I’m wondering the odds of this amazing deal NOT being legitimate? Seems thomann is a very reputable dealer. I’ve never bought from them though.

Would I be correct in saying elektron has a deeper relationship with thomann than they do with other stores? Seems the first news of the Digitone Keys came from thomann if I recall correctly? So is this maybe elektron saying “we will ship you our last batch of analog drives for you to offer closeout pricing” or something? It’s way way way too good unless something’s up eh?



Warning: this one has a severe high pass on the input. Cuts away all the bass from beats etc. Really a shame. I ve relegated it to guitar duties because of that.


What about EHX Platform pedal? It’s a stereo compressor with overdrive, completely digital tho but similarly priced


hm, maybe it is a software fault / false price that nobody has noticed untill now. thomann are legit, a very big store, i order there most of the time with zero problems… good customer service too, they even discounted my a4 after a pricedrop some days after buying it


I covered that one too :wink: EHX Platform & Operation Overlord: stereo dynamics & drive

Ended up returning it when i dusted of my old ehx lpb2be and got better distortion results with it. Though there sure is fun to be had with it.


Hmm, I already have Analog Heat. Is there any reason I would really need this pedal? I’m a sucker for a good deal, but I also want to be wise about gear purchases. I feel like for my limited setup, I don’t really need it. I do like that it’s a much more streamlined than the heat (more or less knob-per-function), and it seems like it would pair well with a mono sources. First world problems, I suppose.


Ordered one too, no-brainer at that price. Looking forward to chucking my bass guitar through it!


Yes, it’s as big as the AH and it’s white/cream!

Seriously, I would prefer it much smaller and black, but I find it much better than AH on my Xox Heart “303” clone, or MD/OT drums for “hardcore” things. Much more gain for harsh distortion I lack on AH, even with the highest settings of drive / dirt / input / “High Gain” circuit.

So my main complains about AD are noise, size, color. I may build a black box to fit 2 AD in it!

2AD with same midi channel > easy stereo control of both, one controlling the other.


I use my Analog Drive to boost my DR-110 which is pretty quiet.
The EQ is handy here, and I just use the clean boost setting.
Gives it just enough grit. Funny that it’s bigger in size than the gear it’s processing.


I like the Clean Boost setting too.
Used here with the Xox, middle position for gain or above IIRC.
I didn’t like AH on it…


Classic sound! Love it


oooof thank god that’s sold out:) was so tempted but couldn’t afford it this week!


Same, I was pretending I didn’t know about this offer because I’m broke af until next month.

Now my GAS can rest in peace.


Damn it! Hope you lucky f*cks get your orders :slight_smile: