Analog Drive Price Drop


It’s getting tough size competition from my daw, the Akai DPS24 :ecstatic:


Back on topic: just heard from my brother that he also managed to grab an AD from Thomann a day before me - without us talking about it. Indeed a “too good to be true” deal :ecstatic:


Waiting for your piano through AD recordings!
I absolutely need a piano, my parents have always had one!
One in the place I sleep tonight! :wink:


If you’re half the magician in packing as you are mastering the OT (and guitars!) you’ll have that piano in your bag before dawn :wink:


Set mine up today and sent some drums loops from the OT to it. I’m really liking the grit it provides :blush:


MemoryMan is larger. There are quite a few large guitar pedals out there.

Having much fun with tweaking my guitar tone with the AD. Will keep me happy for a long time.


Biggest area / volume for AD maybe ? :content:


Biggest area = MemMan
Biggest volume = AD

Cam perspective is deceiving in my pic.


Got mine too…thing is huge! But does sound pretty good on Bass. Just wish it have a clean blend (the EQ does help though).

Haven’t tried it on my synths yet, but I’m sure I’ll get to that eventually…


Alright I got mine! Sounds entirely the part through a nice boutique setup I built (P90/PAF humbucker guitar and 60s brownface deluxe style tube amp with many mods).

I intended it mostly for my sub phatty but I’m not blown away with the AD on it. I definitely like it. I LOVE the AH on my rev2 so I imagine I’d like the AD on it as well.

I also post a song I improv’d last night with my sub phatty and most of the pedals seen in the pic (AD->TENSOR->DARK WORLD->ECHOSYSTEM), the rev2 into the AH and the ARMKII doing its job…and the bonus was getting the Soundtoys vocal tool alterboy for $29 a couple days ago.


Sweetwater’s got 'em for $99. Man that’s cheap. Just ordered mine.


thanks for the heads-up! glad the deal made it’s way to us stateside. definitely hard to pass up.


Ahhhhh, I shouldn’t. Or should I? :thinking: At the moment, the Heat has me covered in this area, but the price is nice.


Makes you wonder at what price they re buying them from Elektron…

So what happened here? Shops clearing their stocks? Elektron realizing they’re not selling at the much higher original price?


In my wild imagination elektron overbought a load of chips and components for the Heat Mk1 that weren’t up to the job so they made the Drive to save waste, empty out their inventory and cover costs. Hence happy to blow out the remaining stock.
The Drive just doesn’t look like an intended product …


See it as a spare power supply for your Elektrons and then about $50 for a unique distortion pedal that can be midi & CV controlled - not so hard decision after that :ecstatic:


More likely they overestimated the Drive popularity, and produced far too many units and were overstocked. They had trouble selling them, and so now are having a fire sale to clear them. That’s my theory anyway.


Not so sure about that. When you already have the Heat design it s not hard to see the business interest of a spin off targeted at the guitar market.

Nice theory though :slight_smile:


Just do it, :us: folks! It sounds great, even if you just use it for a bit of extra crunch you can’t go wrong at this price. I like @dobermate’s power supply argument :wink:


Sweetwater’s page says: limited time offer, nine days left, and get 'em while they last. so… clear as mud there. no idea if being discontinued or just a one-time special… :man_shrugging:

my guess is Elektron has enough back-stock that they’re literally paying to store them, to the point that it’s better to blow them out the door at 60% off than it is to discount them modestly and wait it out. but it’s obviously just a guess!