Analog Drive Price Drop


Sorry too busy for this sort of analysis :wink:

AD is now in my guitar rig and i like it!


Compare it with AH with your guitar(s)!


Lol I know everyone has been saying it’s big but damn.
L a r g e pedal
Testing sound tomorrow


it is back (and in stock) at thomann for 89€. just ordered one <3

edit: gone again, was probably a lucky return or something.


Shite do I follow @sezare56 and go stereo?!,!?!

Edit: I see sold out


it s back again at thomann for 89€


And sold out again…


I’ve now switched from tracking to watching this thread :joy:


If they get new stock I’m pretty shure it is returns or cancellations. They told me that they where sold out, and wouldn’t get them any more.


def. a returned unit. :fire:


Maybe for the best! Can save the money for the Zoia. That 89€ price tag is just too tempting for the AD.


wow, arrives tomorrow, that was fast :slight_smile:
it‘s strange that they still have it listed, usually they kill the whole productpage if it is not available anymore.


AHs little dirty brother just crashed the studio :totes:


Nice mixing desk too :slight_smile:


Thanks - the Midas really is a solid desk :okej: :thup:


Really good nick name! :smile:
Seems small next to your mixer. :content:


Yes, but in reality it’s really big - I saw you mentioning that a few days ago but still got a bit surprised!

The Midas is the 32-channel version so it’s the biggest machine in the studio (not counting the piano) :okej:


I have a mint one for sale folks :wink:


Their’s biggest mistake with that product, IMHO. Apparently REALLY solid, but too heavy / big for a guitar rig.



Price likely didn t help either.