Amsterdam, tomorrow dec. 12th: presenting Cycles, a live AV act featuring

… Model:Cycles :slight_smile:

Though the title was chosen because of the circular architecture of the amazing venue: the Kunstkapel. But it’s a nice coincidence with M:C as I chose it as primary instrument for the music, complemented with AH, Eventide pedals and Xone:96.

Visual : 5 DMX controlled (moving head) light fixtures, Max/MSP



Looks/sounds cool.

Where can we listen the audio?

At the show :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’ll record. Though that might not work very well. This circular space with hard surfaces all around has one of the craziest acoustics you’ll find anywhere… We’ll have to see how a stereo mic recording comes out. Also just recording the stereo line-out but the mix is tweaked for the acoustics, so might not work on a home system at all either.

Show was goooood :slight_smile:

Which is a little wonder 'cause I was not able to rehearse playing light + music beforehand. Only tested and rehearsed them separately. But it came out well. Actually enjoyed myself while playing.

Had some rougher than ideal transitions due to M:C’s kit-less design, but mostly worked my way around it. Soundwise, it was great for this project. NB: I only got it 2 weeks ago.

Audio and video recordings came out usable. Need to edit them together.


Ah I missed this! Great location indeed, I remember some epic parties there in the early days of Rushhour :slight_smile: good to see its still being put to good use

Really?! Dance parties in there? :slight_smile: Obviously I fantasized about that (3rd time i do an art project in it). How did they deal with the acoustics? Everything washes out in crazy reverb and echoes, and in one spot the low can be mega boomy while 1 meter further completely canceled out. I wouldnt enjoy being the sound engineer for such event :laughing:

Prob among the best parties I’ve ever been to, specially Carl Craig’s all nighter comes to mind, he may not be the greatest dj nowadays but that was something else! Also there used to be a huge marble altar in the middle of that space but i think it sort of broke during one of those nights!

Man that s crazy. Wish i had seen that.

There was indeed an altar as it s part of a ceminary and student priests would practice ceremonies in there. And then rush hour came :smile:

It was even on AT5 but I’m not sure I want to link that here hahaha

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What, why? Link that right here!

We were teenagers and very annoying so its a fairly embarrassing item(and in dutch) in retrospect and nowhere near as elektron savvy as using a M:C to light up that place!

2001, I feel old

You can even see the altar in all its former glory in the beginning!

1:25 turtleneck!!!

sorry lets not hijack this thread, time for some tea :smiley:


Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Update to the ending of the tv item: the place is now finally sold meaning it took 19 years since the squatting… Renovations will start in late 2021 after which it will become a concert hall for the amsterdam conservatory.


that sounds like a worthy cause actually, I feared those bankers would turn it into ugly condo’s

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Look forward to hear/see the recording when you decide to share it!

Here you go. This is the line-out from the mixer, so no room sound is recorded on this. The live room sound will be with the video.

Keep in mind that this was mixed for the specific acoustics. In a more regular room I’d likely mix differently, for example not have as much hard panning.

Obviously no techno in this project. I was going for down-tempo, droney, ambient-ish complementing the slow moving, minimalist light-scape.

When an abrupt transition occurs it 's because I had not prepared a pattern switch on the M:C well. Because of the kit-less save structure one has to be very conscious about doing smooth transitions. This is my only real gripe with the M:C. Apart from that it’s an awesome little box. Crazy what comes out of it. At first I doubted whether I should have gotten a DN instead but now it’s a keeper.


Cool thank you- I will listen to it later on my Genelecs :smiley:

Really great set!

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Video is up. This is with mic’ed room sound.

(Sadly there’s lots of interference between camera sensor and LED dimming/strobing frequencies. Didn’t have time to properly set up the camera recording before the gig.)